Do Collagen Supplements Really Work?

Collagen supplements are the secret to healthy skin, shiny hair and good digestion…

Collagen, one of the natural building blocks of skin (as well as hair, nails, and bones), plays a vital role in health and resilience. But like all good things, it has an expiration date. And as we get older – from the age of 25 – the body finds it difficult to produce it, which leads to a loss of elasticity, firmness and shine. . says Dr.. Bungee Dillon, plastic surgery. Yes, using vitamin C and SPF is important, but experts now agree that taking a collagen supplement can help, too.

Are collagen supplements worth it?

Clinical trials have shown that a collagen supplement taken daily has the ability to slow the breakdown of collagen in the body. In fact, the marine collagen in Beauty Pie’s Collagen Super Powder helped reduce this degradation by 31%. “By taking it daily at an effective dose, you can expect to see dewy, plump skin,” he says. Kai Alinutrition in beauty pie. It may also boost hyaluronic acid production through its “ability to stimulate the HAS2 receptors in the dermis,” which means the skin will also appear more hydrated. The older we get, the more collagen is depleted, which indicates that supplementation is highly recommended after the age of 40.

Only recently have some dermatologists been convinced of their effectiveness. But it seems that over the past couple of years, and with the advent of more innovative formulations, many agree that they are worth taking, not only for skin, but also for hair and nails. However, not all products are created equal: “I am a firm believer in drinking options, such as skinsDr. Dillon explains. “The brand has undergone extensive clinical research that has shown great results, which is why I endorse it. In many cases, with other products, collagen consumption is broken down by the body’s digestive processes.”

What is the most effective form of collagen?

“A collagen supplement provides different types of collagen protein when taken daily, whether in powder, gel, syrup, capsule, or tablet form,” Kay Ali says. While 28 different types have been identified, the most common type of collagen is found in skin, bones, teeth, tendons, ligaments, connecting blood vessels, and organs. It is usually extracted from marine, pig or bovine sources.

How do you choose a collagen supplement?

Kay Ali likes to point out that many collagen supplements on the market are far from providing the amount of collagen needed to slow its degradation in the body: “Ten grams is the average amount needed,” explains the nutritionist, noting that it is important to buy collagen formulations. Hydrolyzed because it can be effectively absorbed by the digestive system and ground where it is effective.

Can you eat collagen every day?

Yes, you have to take it every day to get good results. Be sure to follow the instructions on the selected product.

Best collagen supplement on the market

Bone Broth, Atelier Nubio

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This bone broth treatment, also known as natural collagen-rich broth, is a little miracle for skin and hair. And for good reason: It plumps the skin from within and strengthens the hair fibre. Each 275ml portion contains 10g of natural collagen, which is directly absorbed by the body.

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