Clementine Cellari “Excessive”? ‘I’ve done a lot of stupid things on TV’

On the cover of Current Woman, Monday, May 16, Clémentine Célarié broke her silence. to rule “too excessive” In her early days, the actress who recovered from colon cancer talks about her failures: “I’ve done a lot of stupid things on TV.”

“Being famous is as ugly as it is wonderful.”. This is how Clementine Cellari describes fame. On Monday, May 16, the actress in one of the magazines Femme Actuelle relives her debut: Yes, I have often been told that I wasThe author of the book The Forbidden Words acknowledges. Too much in love, too impatient, too exaggerated. It’s all too much. I’ve done a lot of stupid things on TV. I wanted to make people laugh to defuse them“. A woman of letters, Christophe Reichert’s partner made a mockery of herself and described her for youth: “We have the right to be wrong. We must not take ourselves too seriously. I’m perfect. I do not live in reality, or else I would have died a long time ago, but in dreams, in writing, in the theater, And in the Maupassant who allows me to express all my transgressions”, conclude.

Sixty-year-old Clementine Cellari has nothing to do with age:For me, age has no meaning. I do not think about it. The idea of ​​aging does not affect me. You don’t have to be 64 years old,” Emphasize in our colleagues columns. “Normally I don’t have a job anymore at my age. I have a job because I make it for myself. day Renault He told me, “It’s beautiful, you have butterflies around your eyes. It’s not the youth that matters.” The actress continues. much more important than age, “The important thing is to be alive and alive”, indicate. “Why do we stop growing when we’re old?”

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“A woman without hair is more annoyance than a cancer.”

As for the cancer she fought, Clementine Sillary doesn’t fiddle with the fallout from the disease on her body: Taboo eats us. Cancer is one of the top 10 taboos. You can’t say you have one during a dinner party or that everyone freezes.”The actress admits before adding that a Hairless woman, it’s more reprehensible than cancer“. So, the mother of Abraham, Balthazar and Gustav breaks the taboo: “Today the disease is still scary. It’s ridiculous. At my job, if I’m sick, I get out. Programmers should not be afraid“.

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