5 quick and easy ideas to make up this little boat!

Like our favorite stars, we all have our little flaws. Something about our pretty face we’d like to change. Whether it is a high forehead, a hooked nose or extra-large ears, the perfect solution to hiding our imperfections is to find the haircut that best suits our face. Here are 5 hair styling ideas for girls with prominent ears to copy to put an end to this complex!

Which girl hairstyle to hide her protruding ears?

Small flaws in the face are a lot of all and all. But for some, they are a real hurdle on a daily basis. Do you have standout ears like Kate Hudson, Bella Torn, or Jennifer Garner? rest assured ! For every blemish, a beauty tip! In this particular case, this all-important practical hairstyle will do well to hide your little one’s knots. Braids, a loose, loose bun, the choice is endless. However, some high tail and dancer bun looks to be avoided!

braided crown

hairstyle tutorial ideas for protruding ears woman and girl wedding hairstyle protruding ears

Ponytails and buns are among the most popular hairstyles when you have a blemish that you want to hide. But after a while, they end up getting bored. To camouflage the prominent ears and give a new dimension to your mane, nothing like a braided crown. Easy to wear and customizable as desired, this hairstyle can be achieved in many ways: maxi, bohemian, royal or false shaggy. Contrary to popular belief, this is done in just a few minutes. The only downside? Braided crown and short hair don’t go together. Otherwise, girls with long hair who like to hide their ears will be ready in 5 minutes thanks to the small tutorial below:

  • Detangle and apply texture spray to your mane.
  • Reattach the top of your head slightly.
  • Make an African braid starting from the middle of the back of the head and ending in the front.
  • Repeat this on both sides.
  • Secure your locks with small rubber bands and flat clips.
  • Spray some hairspray.
  • Accessorize with flowers, bows, pearl clasps, etc.

A good alternative to a braided crown? The rug is on the side! Here, you have to lay your entire mane on one side, making sure to leave enough material to cover the “naked” ear on the other side. Then all you have to do is braid the side where the most hair is.

Girl’s hairstyle featuring ears with a bandana

Hairstyle ideas to accentuate the ears of a curly-haired woman and girl

Do you have really big ears and a bad beak today? The only solution is to get it in shape with a lovely bandana. Practical, aesthetic and versatile, it promises to twist any hair. However, the small square of the printed fabric is especially suitable for the wavy man. Very glamorous, the latter takes advantage of natural volume to make Hollywood star hairstyles look pale. A summer alternative to a bandana? Hair scarf!

low bun

hairstyle woman protruding ears girl low bun blur short hairstyle protruding ears

Contrary to what some people think, protruding ears also have the right to a good glamorous bun. Although the top-of-the-head dancer bun should be avoided, a low, fuzzy bun is perfect for camouflaging this type of flaw. Don’t be fooled by its practical look! The low and mysterious cake is done in just 5 minutes and gives the most beautiful effect. Whether you have long or short hair, straight or curly, thin or thick, this hairstyle for girls with prominent ears remains a safe bet to improve your face (and fight the summer heat. Principle? Just tie your hair in a low ponytail and twist it over itself to form a kind of bun. The idea is to leave some small loose strands which you then use to hide the elastic.Finally, all you have to do is accessorize: clips, bow, cuff, giant scrunchie, etc.

Mysterious ponytail – a girl’s hairstyle with frank protruding ears

hairstyle idea Hide protruding ears teenage girl woman hairstyle tied protruding ears

If you think you should ditch the superstar hairstyle for 2022, think again fast! The ponytail shape adapts to every area of ​​your face that makes it complex to underestimate. Which tail should you adopt when you have protruding ears? The tail is low and misty! how to make it? Once your hair is tied into the tie, gently pull some strands without pulling them from the elastic band to give volume to the hairstyle, camouflaging the ear area well. Finally, pull your tail to the back of the skull. This way, there will be no risk of getting a painted look that will only highlight your small flaw.

Hair falls out with bangs

Haircut protruding ears teenage girl long hair

If you don’t feel comfortable enough with your hair tied up, wear your hair freely! To spice them up, make room for accessories! Flowers, barrettes, jewelry, barrettes or headbands in an Emily In Paris fabric, here’s something to enhance a long mane. Besides the long bangs, the latter is your greatest asset for hiding your little imperfections.

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