Tips to do it yourself

Have you decided to do your own hair on D-Day? Here are some tips and tricks from your hairstylist to achieve this bridal hairstyle successfully.

In addition to the wedding dress, makeup, shoes and jewelry, the hairstyle turns out to be an essential part of the beauty of the bride. It is in a way the finishing touch, it must be chosen and executed carefully. between the essential Sophisticated cakeThe very shiny wavy where cue For a somewhat bohemian and romantic style … the choice remains complicated.

Obviously, we’re not all hairdressing experts. In order to enhance your lavish dress with a wedding hairstyle worthy of this name, we consulted with a hairdresser, Oliver Lebrun, hairstylist and founder of Olab Salon Paris Who gave us her best beauty tips for women who want to create their own wedding hairstyle. Enough to put the odds on your side, to be the most beautiful bride.

How do I make the bride’s hairstyle last all day?

First of all, the hair preparation step is very important on this special day. For a hairstyle that lasts all day, Olivier Lebrun advises: “Not washing your hair on the same day allows you to have hair that does not slip, and the hairstyle will hold better. For oily hair: wash your hair the day before and for normal hair two days before.”
Also, feel free to use fixing and setting products such as a spray or hairspray to ensure that your hair stays in place for a long time. Be sure to spray the product from a good distance, about 40 cm, for a more natural look.
Regarding the gel: “In order for the gel to be effective, it does not touch the surface of the hair. Make 3 or 4 parts from the top of the head and apply the gel between each wick. The fixing procedure will be more effective “ says the hairdresser.

How do you make cute waves yourself?

Curls that barely last a few hours? It’s over, thanks to Olivier Lebrun who revealed his method for making rings like a pro. So, even if you have decided to do your hair yourself, this time the curls will be perfect when they come out of the hairdresser. please note : “To achieve beautiful waves that last all day, you should first dry your hair as much as possible.” Namely, that even with slightly damp hair, the curls will not hold. “Once the hair is completely dry, apply a texturizing product (mousse or special curling spray) and repeat the hair-drying step with the product. Make sure to use a brush or comb to distribute the product evenly throughout the hair.”
From there, we take the curling iron or the straightener according to our preference: “We work the curls by strand with a curler and secure the curls with bobby pins to the scalp. Once the curls have cooled, we separate everything and fix everything with a cap of hairspray.”

trendy wedding hairstyles

good news ! Wedding hairstyle trends at the moment remain very sober and therefore easy to reproduce. Straight or slightly wavy hair, medium length or short, loose or tied in a low bun and natural look are very popular this year. Olivier Lebrun gives us his advice on how to make a beautifully braided dancer bun “Make a high ponytail, then braid and wrap it around itself and then tie it with a fairly strong elastic band.”

Bet on accessories for an original hairstyle!

After choosing the perfect hairstyle for you, customize it by adding accessories. Among headbands, flowers, pearls, headband, hats, tiara and clasps, the choice is very wide, so don’t hesitate, and enjoy adopting the look you want for a day. A little tip from the hairdresser: “You can imagine a turban of the same fabric as the dress.” Moreover, a beautiful and fairly simple wavy hair can quickly turn into a real princess hairstyle thanks to the rhinestone crown.

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