On TikTok, this brush that makes hair grow faster is under €10

grow Poetry It is a real obsession for some. But since you can’t ask your hair to grow right away, you have to find solutions. employment tik tokInfencers.ses an alternative to expensive hair products and other treatments, and costs only €10!

The magic tik tok brush that makes hair grow faster

This little accessory that fits in the palm of your hand is made of soft silicone teeth, and it visibly helps with hair growth. The question is how does he do that? In addition to massage ScalpThis is amazing a brush It allows you to exfoliate the skin, eliminate excess sebum and dandruff, and deeply apply hair products. It also activates microcirculation, which leads to hair growth and renewal. Don’t worry about possible irritation, silicone teeth are flexible enough not to damage the scalp. We can say that this little thing is magical in every sense of the word. To clean it, just rinse with water and pat dry.

This scalp massage brush is available on TikTok Amazon For €9.99, with a great selection of colours.

It was Alyssa McKee, a skincare, beauty, and lifestyle expert with nearly 700,000 subscribers, who shared this good hair plan. She is always looking for beauty tips, and her video has been viewed by more than 440 thousand people.

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How do you use the brush to massage the scalp properly?

There is nothing really bad, just pass the brush over the entire scalp with light pressure, making small circular motions at the root. Even if we don’t get the skull massage we’ve been waiting for so eagerly at the hairdresser, this little accessory allows you to massage your scalp in all circumstances. And yes, the brush can be used on dry hair and above wet hair ! So you can massage your head at work, on the subway or even on the street. It is clearly recommended for use in the shower.

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