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Thanks to the kindness and gentleness that characterizes the people of Australia, Nyneri opened the doors of his workshop to us. A very special world that only a handful of special people can access. For three years, this is where she allows her artistic spirit to express itself. This 26-year-old from Roruto and Topwai originally, has had a passion for drawing since a young age.

“I don’t want to be in an office”

“As a child, I was in my own world, always watching, imagining, painting. I already knew I was going to orient myself toward an artistic path because I didn’t want to be in an office.” In spite of herself somewhat, Nyeniri completed her professional baccalaureate with a secretarial major before returning to her first love, drawing and painting, despite the opposition of her grandmother she was raised with. “She didn’t agree at all. At first she said to me ‘There are only artists who are drug addicted’.”.

To prove himself to his family, Nyeniri joined the Art Center in 2016 after passing the entrance exam. “When I arrived, from the first month ago, I knew I was where I was.” During her three years of study at the CMA, the Polynesian trained in engraving and, like other students, benefited from compensation.. “It reassured my grandmother very much. I left the center, set up an exhibition right after my training and sold all my paintings. It made her more confident.”

(Photo credit: Ninirei)

Diploma in hand, Nineri launched his small business. With the help of Sefi, ICRA is investing in equipment. Sander, drills, raw mother-of-pearl, equip his workshop: a lot of expensive but necessary expenses. She initially made earrings and necklaces, like many other creative craftsmen in Polynesia. Then one day, she had an original idea, a bit like magic: she makes a necklace that she wears in her hair. From that day on, with her combs, wands, and mother-of-pearl clips, Nyeniri has worked to improve the hair of Polynesian women.

The young woman strives for perfection, constantly striving for improvement. And his efforts began to bear fruit: in November 2021, his activity was moved by the artisans of the Youth Salon. She registers two weeks before the event and works tirelessly from morning to evening to deliver her pieces… which sell out in just two days. Surprised by the enthusiasm generated by her work, Nyeniri sees the orders follow one another. His schedule has not been empty since then.

Like artwork, each piece is unique and meticulously crafted. Before starting to create, Ninirei sketches out her thoughts in her sketchbook. She draws her inspiration from nature, on Pinterest, but also from the Ma’ohi language, by opening her own French-Tahitian dictionary. “Sometimes I need a word or an idea. I don’t speak Tahitian, but I try to highlight our language.”

Ninieri’s next challenge: Presenting her pieces at Tahiti Fashion Week in June. Twenty-two ethnic and Asian inspired pieces will be worn by the models. And according to his drawings, the result promises to match his talent: amazing …

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