Meghan Markle honored herself in spite of herself during Eurovision: This unlikely song is about… her hair

On Saturday, May 14, the Eurovision Grand Final took place. And if the Ukrainians finally took the trophy, one celebrity surprisingly succeeded with the lyrics of a song: Meghan Markle.

The 66th Eurovision was celebrated on Saturday 14 May at PalaOlimpico in Turin, Italy. An evening, sometimes ambiguous, the Ukrainians dedicated to the Kalush Orchestra the big winners. On the losing side, the UK, who finished second, had something to smile about the day after the competition: The Serbian team was inspired by the British crown to write its address. More precisely, Meghan Markle’s hair. the magazine Welcome ! Enjoy translating words in Corpor Sano By Serbian singer Constructa. The verses are written in a mixture of Latin and Serbian Hairstyle “healthy Prince Harry’s wife.

Wondering what is the secret behind Meghan Markle’s healthy hair?asked the artist from Serbia. I think it’s deep hydration.“Questions that Internet users answered with humor on social networks:”200 million people just watched a Serbian woman wash her hands and sing about Meghan Markle’s hair.’,” one wrote on TikTok, citing colleagues from across the channel. And another to write:I hope Meghan Markle gets texts about her hair going to Eurovision and Prince Harry tries to explain the Eurovision concept to her.

Meghan Markle, the Serbian singer quickly called her?

According to the British magazine, Serbian translator Constructa announced during the Eurovision live broadcast that his song wasn’t really about Prince William’s sister-in-law despite her lyrics. “Meghan Markle is not very important in the songbut it represents all those people in the media we focus on.The singer, who came in fifth in the competition, explained that the Duchess of Sussex had not yet been contacted. “But I’d like to hear it!she asked. It is a song about the atmosphere in which we live, which put health as the highest value.

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Image credits: Julien Burton / Bestimage

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