Is hair loss obligatory during chemotherapy?

The Voice jury looked hairless on screen last Saturday on TF1. As a result of the treatment he was undergoing to fight lung cancer.

With humor, The Voice presenter Nikos Aliagas took up the topic of Florent Bagni’s new haircut. “I’ll tell you something, you have a ‘Master Jedi’ side like this, ‘Master Yoda’,” called TF1’s group on a show that aired on Saturday May 7, but taped on February 19. The singer replied to him: “It’s not even a definite anymore, events accelerated and their suffering shortened.” And to keep the same tone: “These chemicals make my hair fall out a little bit but that’s okay, that doesn’t stop me from staying in shape and getting a good face.”

Florent Bagni announced last January that he had inoperable lung cancer. Since then, he has undergone chemotherapy sessions in order to eliminate the cancerous cells. The problem is that giving some chemotherapy drugs also attacks healthy hair cells, including eyelashes and hair. This is called alopecia. American actress Jada Smith is particularly affected, but for other reasons.

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temporary hair loss

Not all chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss, says the National Cancer Institute (INCa). This side effect depends on the type of medication, the dose taken, the number of sessions, and the age or quality of the hair. However, alopecia is recurrent, progressive and temporary. “It generally begins 15 days to 3 weeks after the first infusion. Hair begins to grow again about 6 to 8 weeks after the end of treatment,” INCa specifies again. Sometimes they grow differently before they return to their original appearance.

Alopecia is not related to the effectiveness of the treatment or the severity of the disease. Patients often experience shock, prompting some to expect and shave their heads completely before they gradually lose their hair. This is the case of Florent Bagni who, in addition, seems to take events by philosophy.

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