In Grenoble, the burkini is divided into swimming pools

Behind the entrance gates to the Jean Bron outdoor swimming pool, in downtown Grenoble, staff are busy before reopening. We polish windows, panels and sink. At the entrance, 2021 schedules are still displayed, as are the bylaws: it is forbidden to run, push, eat and drink on the edge of the pool, smoke, spit, listen to music. The authorized models of swimsuits are painted: one-piece and bikini for women, boxer shorts or swimming trunks for men. This panel may need to be replaced.

Extract from the rules of procedure at the entrance to the Jean-Bron municipal swimming pool, in Grenoble, on May 12, 2022.

On Monday, May 16, the municipal council was summoned by the mayor (Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, EELV), Eric Piolle, to decide on an amendment to the bylaws of the city’s swimming pools that would lead to the licensing of the burkini, the name used for models of clothing Women’s swimming, as well as monokini, which is less well known. The debates promise to be tense and that at least three demonstrations are scheduled in front of the Metropole building, which will host the municipal council: one at the invitation of the city’s former mayor (RPR) Alain Karignon, the other from the right-wing UNI student union, and the third in the name of the Women’s Association Electes of Isère, unknown to the general public.

The topic unleashes emotions. On the walls of Jean Brune’s pool, between a poster of a concert by the ayatollah or the DJ group “Nevros”, a slogan is displayed in large letters, like “gluers” but without respecting the graphic symbol.: burkini = misogyny. while he was a photographer Globalism Framing the letter, the woman approaches on her own. “Whether we are on the left or the right, we, the people of Grenoble, are very afraid of this measureBegin without a preamble. We meet every day on “one” of the newspapers. France country of revolution, May 68. Our mothers were fighting to burn their bras, and now we are struggling to be able to dress like Afghan women. We surrender too much to the Islamic faith, and impose an exaggerated multiculturalism. Anyway, this topic deeply divides us. »

‘national position’

She is so upset that it is hard to interrupt her to ask who she is and where she came from. A lawyer, 40, single, with short hair, has never voted for Eric Piolle, but she has environmental friends, and they’d even be pissed about her latest initiative. For Alexandra, it’s a strategy that aims to “To flirt with Muslim voters in the middle of the election campaign. He’s in a patriotic position, he’s setting himself up for the future after a failure [Yannick] Gadot in the presidential election ». expect “at worst” This summer if action is taken. Including violence! » Then she ran away without mentioning her name. ” Very dangerous. “

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