Election of Miss Loser: a lovely evening that will add ‘glitter to our lives’

The election ceremony for Miss Lauser will be held at Quartz in Sant-Chile-de-Absher on Saturday, May 21st. Report behind the scenes preparations, closer to the dealers.

Miss Loser, Chapter Two! For this second edition, after the 2021 edition, “ Seven young women have already registered ‘,” refers to Mary Charlotte Merry, a Miss France representative.

Fifteen young women are allowed to compete. “ We have fifteen dresses, not another dress. So we cannot accept more candidates. ‘, she continues.

For the event, which will take place on Saturday 21 May, at Quartz San Chile de Absher, the participants will have nothing to plan. In fact, the clothes would be offered to them directly for the sake of fairness matter..

We prefer to make everything available. Add delegate. The missing will only have to enjoy the event. They are only required to wear their own pair of shoes until they feel comfortable.

And for good reason, Mary Charlotte Merry herself took part in this competition: “I lived it. It was very difficult to have to bring your own clothes for the show, especially when you live in a small town.”

“We must dare! We must try!”

During the competition, there will be three paragraphs, all noted, so that the jury can elect the next Miss Lauser 2022, as well as her runner-up. “Almost all outfits are ready. There will be a golden dress, a golden metallic red and maybe a white bathing suit explains the enthusiast.

For the May 21 event, the corresponding delegate of the Miss France Association encourages young candidates to “Enjoy this extraordinary day.” With the Covid-19 pandemic, many events have been cancelled. “ We need to enjoy life and shine in our lives She adds with a smile on her face.

In addition to the title itself, there is also “ Life experience which is amazing. You have to dare! You have to try it! Mary Charlotte Merry believes.

And she adds: “People stop at Miss France. The superficial side takes over, but it’s not. A miss is elected for one year. She attends many events. When we have a scarf, our voice is heard more.

Requested by local companies

The party lasts on average an hour and a half or even two hours. Throughout the evening, she will dedicate moments to five former Misses. These will display and represent different companies in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher.

The advantage of choosing only local stores is to bring the local commerce back to life. This decision shows that the shops in the city northwest of Loser are still alive and involved ‘” says Mary Charlotte Merry.

Four ready-to-wear stores will be on display at the fashion shows: Parallèle 104, By Nin, Shoes and Esprit Nature. “This sharing allows us to find ourselves together.”says Jennifer Meising, director of Jennifer’s Hair Salon.

“Yes” is associated with the animation of the evening with their desire to preserve the dynamics of the city. We foster already strong relationships between managers Claire Valley, Director of Optic 2000.

Also this out of everyday life ‘,” adds Jennifer Mazing, then Nina Presie, Business Director at Buy Nine. But also with a pen “Solidarity. And so that the trainees can have fun and see something else ‘,” concludes Claudine Crainer, director of s’Coup hair salon.

Speaking of hairstyles, two salons, Sukop Coiffure and Geneva Hair, must take care of the D-Day candidates. We have to comply with the Misses’ demands, Captivate two hairdressers. Last year we were thinking about doing buns, but all the participants chose to keep their hair down.

And this did not prevent them from being noticed and shining. Carole Bouvier has also been illustrated. Which young woman will succeed him? The answer is Saturday.

Concrete fashion ideas

Who says new season, says new collections. On all shelves of clothing stores, Saint-Chély-d’Apcher dealers stand out in the many colors (green, blue, orange).

Dominique Paulhac, Director of Esprit Nature, says: “This time of year, with summer fast approaching, very bright colors are the trend.

As the big night approaches, local merchants have more or less an idea, or even a definite idea already, for choosing clothes, shoes, and accessories.

However, for Nina Breysse, manager of clothing store By Nin, the options are still “under consideration. There will be a maxi dress, a short dress and a jumpsuit, that’s for sure. Royal blue, and Brazilian green. The colors of the season.”

For her part, Angelique McCurry, Director of Parallèle 104 . will present At least four dresses. “I’m cooking a look I hope you stand out ‘, you trust. Finally, on the side From leather goods to eyewear and shoes, three stores have been chosen to outfit the contenders for the crown.

La Plume d’Or, Optic 2000 and Cendrillon Chaussures are responsible for this. The stores were selected in union with other store managers. So the clothes match of course.

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