What foods are useful for hair?

We have some beautiful hairIt is a common desire of all. Despite the many interests we make for them so that they can find them GlossThey may remain dull or brittle. In order for them to regain all their strength and beauty, it is important to make some changes in it food. Our experts give their tips and advice on the best foods to include in your diet to restore all the beauty of your hair.

Hair health is directly related to what we eat

Our hair clearly reflects our general health. Its hardness and strength are associated with a main component: keratin. To be able to secrete this protein, the organism must find food number 8 amino acids who composes it. It also needs vitamins of group B, iron, zinc…

all of these Nutrients It interferes with the hair production stages. Some facilitate the formation of keratin and others Feed the lamp, or improving microcirculation and transport of nutrients to the scalp. All it takes is a link failure in the chain for the quality of the hair being produced to be directly affected, becoming finer, duller or more brittle.

Is a low-calorie diet harmful and does it cause hair loss?

a Low calorie diet It can affect hair loss. “Diets for weight loss are often poorly balanced, and easy to cause nutritional deficiencies,” notes Dr. Catherine Lacrosnier, MD, a registered dietitian. It’s not uncommon to have dull, thin, and sparse hair after dieting. This is often caused by iron deficiency. The latter plays a major role in transporting oxygen to the scalp.

It nourishes, in a way, the matrix that makes hair. Iron It also interferes with the synthesis of keratin. Be careful, some low-calorie diets also ignore fats, which are essential for protein synthesis sebum Good quality, able to protect hair fiber.

Meat Free, Lactose Free, Gluten Free…Does Hair Suffer From It?

It’s hard to find a good balance in a diet that excludes food groups. danger from Shortcomings It is very real if we stop consuming products of animal origin, meat or dairy products. “A deficiency of protein or zinc can lead to a Hair loss important or slows growth Even if we find zinc in nuts and whole grains, it is mainly found in meat and fish, and a vegetarian or vegan diet hardly covers our needs.

You can also be deficient in vitamin B12. “It prevents Accelerate hair aging It slows down the arrival of white hair, explains the nutritionist, by playing a role in the production of melanin. As for removing gluten from your diet, there’s no risk of a deficiency, but don’t replace foods containing it with “gluten-free” industrial products, which remain nutritionally poor.

Can you feed your tips a proper diet?

Unfortunately no. “The whole part outside the scalp is made of keratin husks that have no vessels or nerves,” dermatologist Dr. Mary Estelle Rowe confirms. Hair is a dead structure. Just a lampInside the scalp, alive. Rebalance your diet So it can have a significant effect, but only on the hair in the formation stage. “If we want to work on lengthsExternal care required. It helps keep the keratin hulls tightly together,” concludes Dr. Rowe.

Is it possible to avoid seasonal falls?

no. Because nothing prevents hair loss that has reached the end of its life. We lose about 50 to 100 per day, in normal times, but the hair cycle changes in the fall. “Studies have confirmed this phenomenon,” says Dr. Mary Estelle Rowe. The reasons are not well understood, but the change in brightness probably plays a role. One hypothesis is that hair lasts longer in summer. It will therefore decrease further in the following months, when the cycle is regulated. The only possible action: Promote the growth of good quality hair.

What foods should be eaten to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss?

Sardines to moisturize hair

The oily fish Supply the omega-3s that our bodies don’t know how to make. Dr. Lacrosnier recalls: “These are essential components of cell membranes, including the scalp. And they promote good Moisturizing hair. All oily fish are sources of Omega-3. Small fish (sardines or mackerel) are less polluted than predators such as tuna or salmon.

eggs to accelerate regrowth

“Their proteins are absorbed by the body very well,” says Alexandra Rhyton, MD, a registered dietitian and nutritionist. Eggs also contain B vitamins, including B5, which is called bepanthen. “It increases the hair density It accelerates growth,” according to Dr. Lacrosnier. It works in synergy with B8, a deficiency of which can accelerate hair loss. Finally, eggs contain other beneficial elements for hair growsuch as sulfur, which is involved in the strengthening of keratin proteins.

Kiwi and strawberry are the best fruits for beautiful hair

It is one of the fruits richest in vitamin C, which is a very important component for improving iron absorption in the intestine. To enhance its absorption, consume vitamin C during the meal itself: with lemon juice, parsley, or a salad containing pepper.

Wheat germ against hair aging

In the form of flakes, to sprinkle on a salad or yogurt, wheat germ contains 30% protein, vitamins of group B and zinc. It also contains Vitamin E, which has antioxidant power: Reduces the accelerated aging of scalp cellsIt will help prevent dandruff,” according to Dr. Lacrosnier.

Soy promotes hair growth

“It is the only plant that contains complete proteins, which contain the full range of amino acids,” Alexandra Retion explains. In particular, it contains lysine, which promotes hair growth. Legumes can also be a source of protein, but they should be enhanced with grains.

Red meat is essential for hair nutrition

In addition to its protein content, Red meat One of the best sources of iron necessary to transport red blood cells and provide the scalp with oxygen. The body absorbs up to 20 to 25% of the meat.

It is also found in red or white beans, lentils, almonds or hazelnuts, but the body absorbs only 5-10% of this iron of plant origin.

Good to know: What happens to hair in menopause? “It is not uncommon for women to lose their hair during perimenopause, when the cycle becomes irregular, says Dr. Mary Estelle Rowe, but it is just a period and then it settles down.”

Nutritional Supplements: A Boost for Beautiful Hair

Of course balanced diet Provide us with enough nutrients to have beautiful hair…but it’s not that simple! Some of the meals we eat on the go, the takeaways we swallow late at night, when we get back from work…we often eat the best we can. Dietary supplements make it possible to address our deficiencies. Here is a selection of nutritional supplements that help in getting beautiful hair.

The strength and vitality of Oenobiol for hair and nails

It contains 2 sulfur amino acids, vitamin B6, zinc and biotin: all of these elements target the production of high-quality keratin. Two pills per day for 3 months, about 20 euros.

+ Antioxidant blueberry extract that improves scalp microcirculation and nutrient distribution.

D-Lab Nutricosmetics, Growth Complex

Here we find 4 essential amino acids to make keratin, spirulina rich in iron and antioxidants, and bamboo extract that contains silica, another component that plays a role in hair power. 2 capsules per day for 28 days, €19.

+ Concentrated watercress extract that protects scalp cells from free radicals.

Forcapil hair and nails, Arkopharma

Each capsule contains sulfur amino acids, zinc, vitamins B6 and B9 that are necessary for the formation of keratin. 2 capsules per day for 3 months, about 25 euros.

+ : The brand conducted a satisfaction survey on 40 people, and it had positive results.

Luxeol, growth, growth and fortification

The capsules contain plant extracts rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as vitamin B8, zinc and the antioxidant selenium. 1 capsule per day for 1 month, €19.90.

+ : Presence of copper which contributes to it natural hair pigmentation.

In hair, hair growth treatment

This supplement is formulated with nutrient-rich plant extracts such as rosemary, horsetail, ginseng and grape seed. There is also zinc, vitamins B and E. 2 capsules per day for one month, €29.90.

+ Made in France, not tested on animals.

Biosens Brewer’s Yeast, Nature Léa

It’s a classic in hair care: Brewer’s yeast Very rich in B vitamins that are necessary for the formation of high-quality keratin. 2 capsules in the morning, for one month, 7.70 euros.

+ : Its price is affordable.

Personal hair treatment, only. Paris

You are answering an online questionnaire for a nutritional supplement to suit your needs, consisting primarily of plant extracts such as horsetail, nettle or spirulina. 2 capsules per day for 3 months 64 €.

Promoting good hair vitamins, Lashilé

The bottle contains a chewing gum that is a mixture of B vitamins and zinc, but also vitamins C and D.

+ : You can get a subscription if you want to do a 6-month treatment.

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