These men in dresses want to control women

Before talking to you about American ideologists who wear dresses (with long protruding skirts), followers of uterine takeover, let me mention this information that I have already posted on these pages and that I loved to share with the students. It shows how far the planetary religious system has always tried to control the female reproductive system, far from the uterine part which is still the subject of yet another attempt to take over by conservative justices on the US Supreme Court.

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In the beginning of what would become the physiology of the reproductive organs, just as explorers discovered a new land in antiquity when it was customary to name their discovery after them, male scientists did not hesitate to claim areas in the female reproductive system. Thus you will find in the tubes of the female reproductive system that belong to Gabriel’s fallopian tubes, the follicles of Reiner de Graaf, the glands of Thomas Bartholin and those of Alexander Skene. Among the older male explorers who claimed areas in the female genitals, there is also the incomparable Ernst Graffenberg, the owner of the Graffenberg point, commonly called the G-spot. In short, whatever the character of the female genital organ, with so many bearded scientists squatting there, I wonder if we can still talk about intimacy to describe it.

The uterus was an elusive organ that threw much nonsense presented as a certainty. Hippocrates saw the uterus as a living being with a mouth and able to move around in women’s bodies. Kind ofalien from breeding.

This little monster is located in the lower abdomen, moves between the head and feet and can stay in the organs of its choice. The ultimate goal of this uterine beast? Satisfy her desire to have children. Don’t ask me how this can be done with a mobile uterus settling in the lungs or spleen. So it was necessary, according to the most famous doctor of antiquity, to be careful not to ignore the desires for pleasure that would satisfy the beast. In the absence of contentment, says Hippocrates, it happens that the beast obstructs the passage of the soul and causes a myriad of diseases. The movement of the uterus will be associated with significant lubrication, which, in turn, will be a symptom of a disease deliberately, by these “connoisseurs of the female body”, hysterical suffocation.

This vision of a monstrous, moving and voracious uterus inhabiting the female body survived its designer and persisted in another form, carried by other undeniable misogynistic thinkers.

Thus, the French physician Joseph Rawlin (1708-1784) declared that women suffer from hypersensitivity which has affected their brain and thus their cognitive abilities. At the time of puberty, added his contemporary, the philosopher Saint Lambert (1716-1803), the uterus became so sensitive that it left a woman’s brain with a debilitating paralysis. If you want to discover the stories to make your hair stand on end, I advise you to read it The history of misogyny Contempt for women from ancient times to the present daya book by Adeline Gargam and Bertrand Lançon.

Before getting to the Republican right’s attack on free choice that unleashes on emotions, I must also tell the view that sperm scientists previously defended when it came time to explain to children how to have children.

As you know, it will be necessary to wait a hundred years after the discovery of America for another discovery of great importance to shed more light on our reproduction. In Holland, the land of all vices, we first saw the tip of her nose, or rather the tip of her tail. The sperm cell was discovered in 1677 by a Dutch textile merchant named Anthony van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723). As is often the case with great scientific discoveries, the serendipity was true.

Leeuwenhoek’s primary goal, using the makeshift microscope he had just analyzed, was not to unlock the secret of life.

Instead, the master sought to improve the counting of fibers, since at that time their number per unit surface was one of the indicators of the quality of fabrics. It is not known how the idea was born, but the clothes merchant was once curious to study his sperm with his new toy. Once the semen was under the lens of a microscope, what a surprise for our budding scientist to see hyperactive insects moving frantically! Then he thought they were microscopic animals that lived, by some miracle, in male semen, so he later baptized them into sperm – the word sperma in Latin means semen, and zoos refer to animals, as in the word zoology referring to study. the animals. Even today, we talk about the famous Leeuwenhoek animals, although we know that they are not real animals. But the sect made its way into the vocabulary and was able to fertilize minds.

This is where the story of the womb that I want to tell you about begins. Over the next two centuries, scientists sought to understand the role of these testicle-dwelling animals. It was even thought, seriously, that they are microbes that appear in semen by spontaneous reproduction. Others postulated that their task was to stir up the mixture of male and female principles to promote embryogenesis.

In other words, the sperm had to reproduce what is a flagellum to prepare the mayonnaise!

It was also at this time that the school of thought known as the spermatozoa appeared, the main representative of which was one of Leeuwenhoek’s assistants, Nicola Hartswicker (1656-1725). Here, the woman was nothing less than a flower pot in which the man puts his seed containing the preformed child to grow. This was a merciful ideological appropriation against a backdrop of pseudoscience not so far removed from what the religious right advocates, that it was agreed with the US Supreme Court to decide the future of free choice.

I’ve always had a problem with those middle-aged men who ideologically make controlling women’s bodies a life’s project. Yes, abortion is an act that should not be underestimated. But, contrary to what the American religious right strives for, the decision to go to a pregnancy termination clinic should undoubtedly be the woman’s right.

Comedian George Carlin, who is in my opinion America’s greatest sociologist, philosopher and comedian, said, “It’s amazing how much conservative Republicans love fetuses. They spend their time talking about the protection and rights of the fetus, but once that fetus is out of its mother’s womb, they are no longer interested. Very fair, because you’ve never heard Republicans yelling about the millions of poor people who live like animals in America.

According to data from the Archives of Gun Violence, gun violence claimed 40,726 victims in 2021. Is the Republican Right spending too much energy protecting these once-embryo humans?

Does this reverence for human life shine in their hearts when the time comes to apply the death penalty? I wonder how we can say for life (pro-life) and stick to an ideology that doesn’t care about the death of the most vulnerable in society.

It is sad to see this country transform unfettered into a theocracy or, to be precise, a Trampolitan state. Since Trump’s election, many well-informed observers have told us, America is in grave danger of becoming a right-wing dictatorship. Even more ironic about this threat to freedom of choice in America is the fact that the balance of the Supreme Court has been lopsided due to the appointments of Donald Trump, a president who believes only in money, power, and mirror image. in her mirror. Is there anyone on earth who thinks Donald Trump is a devout believer who cares about abortion when you know his story?

This sling, which was intended to control women’s bodies, was greatly facilitated by the man who was glorified in laying his hand in their intimate relationship without asking permission. The same person who paid for the services of a porn star while his wife was pregnant. This is exactly the definition of the height of sarcasm!

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