In the palace “A woman entering a restaurant armed with a baseball bat is fantastic!”

The Palace of Justice in Nîmes (photo by Anthony Morin).

A Nimes court on Tuesday, May 10th, gave Mazury a 4-month suspended prison sentence, for harassing her ex-husband by calling her more than 1,200 times in less than 20 days, and vandalizing her restaurant with a baseball bat.

detonated a fuseimmediately confessed to the bar a 38-year-old woman in a light black dress, who was on trial for harassment, contempt and transporting a knife – in her BMW, the police will also find an “American fist”. If I had to go back, I wouldn’t do it again. I got into their game but I didn’t have to because, at first, he was the one who came to my house with his ex to threaten me with death and pass me as a drug dealer to my neighbours. »

“I got close because I’m short-sighted.”

The president looks at her puzzled. ” Yes, a meeting that followed a robbery of his house that he accuses you of Recalls Jean-Pierre Bandera. The woman nodded her head. ” Except that there was never a burglary. Maybe he’s the one who forced his lock to hide his double lifeMazury explains. We met at a nightclub. It led me to believe that he runs several companies. I fell in love and it pushed me to do things I wasn’t supposed to. »

Driven by tear gas after he entered, for the first time, armed with a baseball bat, into Mehdi’s taco restaurant, Mazury returned to the scene of the attack in the evening, this time destroying fast food windows. The restorer’s car was also found scratched. ” If I get close to his car, it’s because I’m short-sighted, but it wasn’t me who damaged itThirty swears something. My only conclusion is that his ex-wife did. »

‘I had a miscarriage because of his blackmail’

After their breakup, Mazury flooded his ex-boyfriend with thousands of calls and texts – 1,235 calls between July and August 2019 – one of which showed a picture of a knife…” I had just learned that I was pregnant. He threatened to call my brother if I did not terminate my pregnancy: I miscarried because of his blackmail!explains the bar hostess who works in Switzerland. I’m not proud of that. But I’ve also gained ten kilos and antidepressants since all of that. As for the brass knuckles, it was my little brother who lent it to me because I work in the middle of the night, to protect myself. »

The judge mentions the defendant’s convictions for violence against her two children, the first of which dates back to 2005. It was my daughter’s father who was convicted of domestic violence who abused her, but the police asked me to confess or risk going to prison, Thirty confirms something. I was 19, I was stupid, so I said yes so I could keep my daughter. A few years later, she slapped her son, who had just broken his car window.

The judge asks her if she has seen a psychiatrist to learn how to manage her nerves. Mazury collapses. ” I know I’m going to need it because, because of keeping things to myself, I end up explodingLose she, take big sighs. When I was young my mother was violent with me! I often had bruises, but when social assistance came, nothing happened … »

“Are you a policeman or a restaurant owner?”

Polka dot shirt and shaved hair, his former companion has since been suffering from anxiety and attention disorders. ” She did not accept our breakup. At first we were playing a game that ended badly for me… “, declares, in turn, in the bar of the court. The judge lifts it.” However, one day, you are the one who returns to her… ‘ replied Jean-Pierre Bandera.

The man is not upset. ” I went there to take my things, and there was no doubt that she was behind the burglary of my house: she sent me a picture of her in front of the garage at 2 am, while I was out “The director justifies. ” Are you a policeman or a restaurant owner? Tans Jean-Pierre Bandera. You don’t file a complaint after the burglary, but you think you’re entitled to go and get your belongings that you would have been stupid to keep at home? »

The victim blames the blow a little. ” I didn’t threaten her. I’ve never had a problem with anyone, and since I knew it, I’ve only had one…sadly admits. As for the abortion, she was the one who told me that it was too late, that if she wanted to do it, she had to go to Switzerland or Spain and that it would cost 5000 euros. »

His lawyer speaks. ” There is more and more violence by women. After Metoo, we may end up with the same movement among men! But this woman who walks into his restaurant, like a rage, armed with a baseball bat, she’s totally surreal!, Lawrence Bourgogne’s advice. The problem is, it’s hard to know what’s true in what she says and when her harassment will end. »

“Not a mad blow”

The Public Prosecutor calls for a 4-month prison sentence. ” After the first episode of staggering violence in the presence of clients, she’s back there that same evening, so it’s not a frenzy.justify. In addition, she objects to the deterioration of her car, but she nevertheless agreed to compensate her. »

Mazury’s lawyer tries to turn things around. ” She got acquainted with everything: text messages, damage, but it is worth noting that his behavior is not entirely clear: he accuses her of burglary, three of them come to her house to discredit her with her neighbors. He damages her car, but doesn’t make up for it when he promised her, and lives a double life, where he keeps seeing his ex-girlfriend! Mark Roe accuses. He says he is traumatized, but has no psychological follow-up. On the other hand, she bruised, was pregnant and felt betrayed. She believed in him, she had feelings at the time! »

Pierre Hafeez

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