Antoine B. Bob Hairdressing Salon and Tokyo Inkarami Restorative and Relaxing Treatment

Written by Manon C, Photos by Manon C, posted on May 13, 2022, 2:57 pm

At Antoine B Salon, we discover innovative hair care products, including the Tokio Inkarami treatment that restores strength and shine to hair.

And if we take advantage of the return the sun to give injury Elena Poetry ? to deep care who re Glosssubordinate Flexibility And from here hair shine A new address opened: Salon Antoine B, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

After earning their spurs for years side by side Myriam K and inside Balmain HouseAntoine B, in fact, decided to open his address dedicated to Beauty and vitality of hair, eyebrows and nails, In this very elegant neighborhood of the capital. To stand out from other Parisian hair salons, Antoine B bet on a California vibe decor and for pink shades.

Hair salon Antoine B.Hair salon Antoine B.Hair salon Antoine B.

Far from being content Brushing and traditional shavingAntoine B has a special talent for digging New trend care to me innovative traits, which has already proven itself all over the world. For nails, we choose Russian manicureIt is a technique that aims to beautify the nails thanks to the additional work at the level of the contour of the cuticle to make the natural nail neater and longer.

For hair, Antoine B . presents Two innovative treatments. The first is Botox treatmentA regenerating process that deeply moisturizes and repairs the hair fiber, in addition to its soothing effect. The second process is Tokyo Inkarami treatmentdirect treatment from Japan. For this person, you should have more time in front of you since it happened in 7 steps – Count a good hour and a half.

Hair salon Antoine B.Hair salon Antoine B.Hair salon Antoine B.Hair salon Antoine B.

Target ? Due Strength and shine for dull, dry hair through the overlay Layers of keratin and amino acids deposited on the hair. The whole treatment happens in shampoo boxAnd three times during treatment, Antoine B . puts you Charlotte steam On the head to make the treatment penetrate deeply into the hair. Just a moment Relaxwhich he prefers massage seat And it smells good Natural products.

Hair salon Antoine B.Hair salon Antoine B.Hair salon Antoine B.Hair salon Antoine B.

Little coffee Later, we go in front of the mirror to get brushing carefully And to discover the end result: Poetry is Shiny, Luminous, Soft, Ultra SmoothReally elevator.

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