Andy McDowell is proud of her silver hair: ‘Now I say my hair is full of salt and pepper’

Andy MacDowell gave an unforgettable performance last fall in the Netflix series “Maid.” The ’90s icon, who has always done things her own way, has been sporting salt and pepper hair for several months now and she totally assumes.

She might be one of the icons of the 80’s and 90’sAndy McDowell has always known how to keep his feet on the ground. At the height of her fame, she left Hollywood to settle in Montana and then North Carolina to raise her son and two daughters who are now actresses. Shock in the series cleaner Released last fall, she plays Paula, Alex’s undiagnosed bipolar mother who is a victim of domestic violence (played by Margaret Qualley, the actress’s same daughter). A few months before the series premiere, Andy McDowell revealed Her natural gray hair in Cannes. The public, who had always known her for her chestnut braids, found this” Risking a Hollywood where young people are often queen He saw his decision as a breakthrough in the era of the film industry.

Revival of Andy McDowell

While it’s clear that it’s not just her hair color that put the actress back in the spotlight, Her rebirth is already there, she confirmed to the magazine Marie Claire : ” Work begets work. […] But there is something else. I really think I am Comfortable with my age ‘, she explained. Regarding his gray hair now, She trusts: I wanted to do that, so Covid-19 served me. I’m not against color, we have to do what makes us happy. I think it’s a good choice too before adding: Now I say my hair is infused with salt and pepper, and someone just told me that phrase is only used for men. »

new fashion for women

L’Oréal’s ambassador for years, Andy McDowell noticed it Leaving her hair natural was more common among women. ” It’s very modern “, she says. She adds that the beauty industry today allows ” Women grow up and be happy And she doesn’t force them. To be something they are not “.

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