Recycling your hair is possible! Here are 4 smart ways

Every year, about 4,000 tons of hair are disposed of in the trash in France. An astrological figure, especially when you know that even if you part with your pretty little head, your hair can still be beneficial. We are evaluating.

1 – Donate it to associations that provide wigs to patients

If you decide to change your appearance, maybe your hair will make you happy. Associations restore them as soon as they are cut to give a smile to people with diseasesThis causes their hair to fall out.

if you cut more than 25 cmFor example, you can callSolid Hair Association. Created in 2015, it sells the fruits of its collection to wig makers. The profits are then used to Providing hair replacements for cancer patients.

To do this, nothing is simpler: Go to one of our partner hairdressers. Chisel and presto! That’s it, your goodness has been done.

For people who are less adventurous (or people who simply have shorter hair),The Fake Hair Association doesn’t care harvest your hair from 10 cm. This time, it is used directly Custom wig making It is then redistributed to people who have lost their hair. You will find a file hair stylists list Who are part of the initiative on their website.

2- Donate your hair for medical research

You may not know it, but Your hair contains a large amount of a protein called keratin. Once extracted from hair in laboratories, it makes it possible to grow it Nourishing and therapeutic beauty products. Therefore, medical research is particularly interested in this molecule, which is 95% present in our hair, to improve skin care. who – which It can, for example, revolutionize the lives of severe burn victims.

The union that organizes the group is called Capilum. The principle is the same as before. On their website you will find an interactive map that allows you to do so Target your partner store.

3- Fighting water and soil pollution

Recycle your hair is Helping others, but also nature. Given the disturbing report recently published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this is not a rejection! Always rest your hair in the hands of the good fairiesCapillum Societyyou can Participate in the conservation of water and soil. Because yes, your hair has a coil Energy filtration and absorption !

They can absorb up to eight times their weight in hydrocarbons. And all these Chemical waste that will not be imposed on our beautiful planetIts animals and plants. If you are particularly interested in this point,Fair Hairstylists Association Specializes in decontamination of port areas. You know what you have left to do!

4 – Donate your hair for a more responsible transplant

The last, but not least, solution to recycle your hair: make a Fertilizer for gardens and growing areas. Yes, you heard right. By decomposition of capillary secretions and sulfur that promote plant growth.

By helping plants grow, You will avoid wasting a lot (a lot) of water. To give you an idea, Capillum points outOne kilo of hair collected helps save approximately 200 liters of water. And if you are part of the team I cut my own hairAnd You can totally use your waste directly in your garden.

You know everything now. So, the next time you go to your, which solution will you choose? It can be a great gift for Mother’s Day. All you have to do is slip into an envelope “Good to pamper yourself while saving the planet”.

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