Photos – Marine Le Pen: “Her nail polish gives the image of an unbreakable, resolute and confident woman”

As in 2017, Marine Le Pen found herself facing Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election. Blond hair, polished manicure in soft colors, elegant makeup, the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen shows an image of her more feminine and determined than ever. Decoding and analyzing a slight change in appearance.

In life as in the presidential election, the style of dress, hairstyle or make-up can change everything. Politicians know this well, they often adopt the eternal dress of appearing more elegant and believable or sometimes even glasses to prove their position. If we talk a lot about Eric Zemmour glasses or a Swatch watch and Valérie Pécresse jackets, the look of Marine Le Pen opposing Emmanuel Macron during the Great Debate on April 20, 2022, has completely changed since 2017.

The candidate of the National Rally reaches the second round of the presidential elections against Emmanuel Macron and Multiplies strategic choices to get your message across. Choosing a more “angelic” blond manicure, feminine and modern, deciphering the appearance that tells a lot about her ambitions Agathe Pons, manicurist and founder of Bleucocotte (

Stylish, modern and feminine manicure

“She often holds her hands and runs them through her hair. Marine Le Pen’s hands are very visible and changed in appearance, as Agathe Pons asserted: “ Her manicure is designed as is. She chose oval nails, medium length, easy to wear. These aren’t natural nails, Marine Le Pen wears gel and has chosen a soft and discreet color, a very trendy pale pink.. This lengthens her hands and gives an elegant, modern and classy look to her appearance That she has self-confidence and that she controls her image. “

© BestimageGel manicure, oval nails, soft and discreet color

Marine Le Pen’s feminine and soft manicure: a strategic choice

“At first glance, it might seem strange that she did that Choice of ‘claws’ with long, oval-shaped nails in 2022 So she wants to soften her image when in 2017, she wore round square nails without varnish. But the choice of these claws testifies to the existence of more character than that Firm and assertive but also more in control. This manicure selection reveals a very clean, elegant, firm and unbreakable side. It shows that she feels ready and determined to win and that she has the shoulders to do so. In general, their appearance is more assertive, more elegant, and more distinctive. It gives the image of strength and femininity at the same time.Agathe Pons explains.

Marine Le Pen in 2017 with uncut and square / round nails
© BestimageMarine Le Pen in 2017 with uncut and square / round nails

Organized and meticulous hair and makeup

Just like in the Disney movies where the “cute” princess has curly blonde hair, Marine Le Pen has let her hair grow out and always wears a few curls in her box. Her makeup makes her look fresh and piercing. We discover smoothness and control every time: it has a clean line. But she curls up in her hair, Smoky eye but soft colorsBright clothes, fit for structure and softness at the same time. She gives an image as beautiful as Emmanuel Macron who has always taken care of his style which is unanimously described as elegant and dominating with his elegant suits.

Her dress style shows her determination while she is restrained

“Her look has changed. She wears light colors and often wears a satin camisole with a slit at the neckline but not too much. She’s feminine but not sexy and revealing on her wagon head.” Its appearance works well, codified, without ambiguity. In 2017, she had a simpler, more people-oriented style. In 2022, she wants to show that she has the shoulders to lead the country. She has an assertive, sophisticated, assertive, but restrained style. You have made strategic and politically correct choices to inspire confidence. She perfects her hairstyle, her appearance. Inspires strength. “

© Christophe Chuvalin / Tf1“A suit jacket, a white camisole in a very coquettish style that appears to inspire strength”

Image credits: Christophe Chevalin/Tf1

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