Mother and son sentenced to 16 and 12 years in prison for trying to kill the father

John Hopkins, 60, and her son Brendan Walsh, 30, were sentenced Friday May 13 in Paris to 16 and 12 years in prison. They tried to assassinate Gregoire L. , father of the family.

An American mother and her son were sentenced in Paris on Friday to 16 and 12 years in prison for trying to kill the latter’s French father, against the background of the “conspiracy” and family inheritance. The Assize Court also issued a permanent 15-year ban on entering French territory for June Hopkins, 60, and from the Paris region, on her son Brendan Walsh, 30. She acknowledged a change in the son’s discrimination, which prosecutors described as being “under the control” of his mother.

In 2010, John Hopkins and her son had just reconnected with the latter’s father, Gregoire L., whom they had not seen for fifteen years. John Hopkins would like her son to take his father’s name, steps are taken. In the summer, an argument erupted when Grégoire L. realized that his American family had searched his papers, particularly those relating to his father’s property. Next, his son sprayed it with a barbecue lighter, before trying to turn on a lighter.

Guilty of attempted assassination

The court chose to reclassify this first attempted murder as premeditated violence, “primarily due to a lack of material elements,” as President Christophe Pettito justified. On the other hand, John Hopkins and Brendan Walsh are found guilty of the attempted assassination of Gregoire L. And his sister in 2015, in front of their house.

They were attacked by the “Americans” who tried to strangle them, putting motorcycle helmets on their heads. “What the investigators do not yet know” in his applications, said Attorney General Olivier Bray in his applications, is that for three years John Hopkins and her “armed wing” of her sons have been living “in a vacuum” in Paris, devoting everything. Their time to spy on and harass Grégoire L. out of “extreme hatred, and absolute desire for revenge”. In their basement, investigators found camera glasses, camouflage jackets, masks, a saw, a machete, and an axe.

Gregoire’s insists.

“breaking doll”

The two accused have long opposed the accusations, presenting themselves as victims of a “plot” by the father and his relatives to eliminate her. And she didn’t stop “for what?” On the court’s question since the trial began on Monday, without obtaining a coherent answer. “The conspiracy is a smokescreen,” sweeps the attorney general. “We created a story to legitimize the proceedings.” It’s a ‘crazy story’, they sound ‘amateur’ but it’s not ‘funny’.

Sophie Ray Gascon, Johns Hopkins’ attorney, pleads “she clearly believes in this conspiracy.” “Otherwise, she would not have spent three years locked up” in this “irrational” project, she continued, recalling hidden microphones in front of Grégoire L. and theories about “murderers”, “drug dealers” and “the Russian mafia”. But “we don’t have the keys to understanding it,” the attorney looks on, lamenting that her client only knew psychiatric expertise – which concluded there was no problem.

Brendan Walsh, for his part, said he’s “working on it,” and he understands today that he was “swept away in the paranoid delusion” of his mother, according to his attorney Julie Feb. John Hopkins, always “eccentric” and “bright” is also the woman who was raped by her father during her childhood, remembers her defense. She smiles all the time but she is almost like a broken doll.

For the first time in the box, the American with a long curl of blond hair cries in his back. In her last words to the court, she said, “I never intended to harm anyone.” Eyes red with tears, Brendan Walsh looked at his French family. “I had time to think about prison, I realized the damage I had caused. I’m sorry.” Grégoire L.’s sister nodded, and his brother did not move. In court, Gregoire L. , who was clearly damaged, he hopes his son will receive treatment. “Are you ready to resume the relationship with him?” asked the chief. “no”.

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