Milky Blond: The super trendy blonde shade for this summer

The return of sunny days is also leading to new hair trends. This summer, the shade of blond will especially stand out. it’s about “milky blondeWe tell you all about the hottest color of the season.

What is milky blond?

If you love to change up your look with the seasons, you will definitely fall into the new trend of milky blonde. This hair color has been a real hit lately, especially thanks to Kim kardashian. The entrepreneur and reality TV star has ditched her brown lengths for this beautiful blonde at the Met Gala. A colorist she hasn’t gotten tired of yet, according to her latest Instagram post since she proudly continues to wear her new hair.

But what is a milky blond? According to Dylan Brittain, Artistic Director of Rainbow Room International, this shade is inspired by platinum blonde. “However, it has a more affordable and luxurious finish, which is achieved through highlighting and focusing techniques rather than a single colour,” he tells Glamor UK. This technique makes milky blonde softer and warmer than platinum – and therefore more suitable for the summer season.

Milky blond, who is this for?

Good news for those interested in a hair change: milky blond suits everyone! And he’s the expert who says so: “One of the advantages of this color is that it’s neither too hot nor too cold, which means it’s suitable for everyone, whatever your skin tone.” It is also suitable for everyone hair cuts. To be on top of style, we adopt it with a laid-back cut – the most stylish pieces of Spring/Summer 2022.

If you want to keep it long, it goes great with woven waves, and a mermaid effect. The specialist adds that this coloring will add dimension and depth to your hair.

Who says transition to milky blond, says mandatory color maintenance! It really is a color that requires a little work – and money. Indeed, if you are starting from a very brown base, know that you may need several appointments with a colorist to achieve this. blonde shade.

At home, it will also be necessary to ensure that you use special products for colored blonde hair, so that it does not have yellow or copper reflections and to keep the color intact. we choose Anti-yellowing shampoo Or silver and clamps that revive the luster of hair.

Finally, if you are exposed to the sun, make sure to protect the hair from UV rays with the right sun oil. And for good reason, the sun can fade your color and damage your locks.

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