Jazz (JLC family) disfigured after having an accident, talking

by Solene V

– Posted on May 13, 2022 at 11:34

While Jazz was in the middle of filming season six of JLC Family, an accident occurred. Disfigured and in pain, Chelsea, Cayden and London’s mother spoke on her social networks.

The JLC family He will be back soon for season 6. As proof, he started filming in Los Angeles, as captured by Jazz last April. Unfortunately for the young mother, the adventures are intertwined. Some rumors have been saying for some time that she is completely destroyed. As for her third child, LondonThat was great Health problems At birth. So we can say that Jazz Not spared for some time. And a new incident is added to the event-packed list of korea family. In fact, mother Chelsea, Cayden and London She found herself disfigured in her face after a disaster evening.

This Thursday May 12th Jazz Share your somewhat annoying Instagram stories. see it with eye patch, may indicate a serious problem. In the following story, the young woman explained her adventure in detail. Baby Lawrence She explains that she had an accident during a party with a friend on Wednesday, May 11. causing him Eye redness and swelling. She explains: “A friend caught fire yesterday. caught fire in his eye. […] She had incense in her hand, and it banged on the ceiling, and it fell in my hair. I shook my hair and a piece of flame entered his eye. And burn all his false eyelashes. Luckily ! If she hadn’t had false eyelashes, she would have burned her eye from the inside.”. Jazz continues to show his eyes in turn: “Look I’m trying to show you what’s inside of me. It’s awful and my kids all have them, all three of them.” terrible“.

Jazz suffers from the accident “I’m in a lot of pain”

“I am horrified. It hurts.”Announces Jazz On his Instagram story. We also see the young woman squeezing her eye with a bandage and it seems that water is pouring out of it his injury. She completes: I feel like I have a huge pebble in my eye. it’s terrible”. Fortunately, the incident appears less serious than it appears later in the day. Jazz He continues his stories by sharing his life with his community. In fact, mother Chelsea declare: “I have one less eye but I will not stop living!. I hope everything is back to normal and Jazz He recovers quickly from his facial burns.

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