Interview. Nicola Waldorf and his tips for self-confidence

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– May 12, 2022 at 10:30 am

Nicholas Waldorf, hairstylist at Incroyables Transformations on the M6, has agreed to give us all his secrets exclusively. How do you gain self-confidence? What can daily hair styling bring you? Here are all his tips!

Nicolas Waldorf is to this day one of the most famous hairdressers in France. It is thanks to Incroyables Transformations that it was broadcast on the M6 ​​in particular and was very popular among viewers. The young man now has another chord in his bow: writing a book called You have an appointment ?Released Thursday, May 12th. It is entirely dedicated to 100% new hairstyles tips and guides. What really restores confidence in you and really knows what’s best for you in terms of hairstyle and haircut. No need to torment your mind trying to understand the nature of your hair, complicate you or slow you down in your dreams and projects. Nicola Waldorf agreed to reveal all his secrets to us. From his tips to his childhood dreams and career projects, he tells us everything!

Do you have any advice for young people who want to regain their self-confidence?

Nicholas Waldorf: I was a little kid who didn’t trust him. And the moment I decided to follow my dreams and not listen to others, I changed my life and thus achieved happiness. So I would say “Follow your little inner voice, don’t listen to anyone and go for it!”.

Do you think hairdressing can help raise your self-esteem?

Nicholas Waldorf: For me, the hairstyle is the only thing that really surrounds the face. So if you have a good idea of ​​your sizes, the right color or what suits you best, he can change everything. We can look at a woman because she has beautiful hair even if she wears bad clothes. But if her hair was badly styled, we wouldn’t look back even if she was wearing Chanel (laughs). I would really say that hair is the most important thing. As soon as a person changes his haircut or changes its color, it completely changes the situation. When people walk into a hair salon, they take a certain approach and when they leave, they have another. Because it allows you to be sure of yourself and feel good. So it is necessary.

Some people just don’t have the type of hair they would like to have… How do we stop getting complicated?

Nicholas Waldorf: We went through the 2000s when it was a real problem because we wanted everyone to have straight hair, and everyone to fiddle with their hair fibres. We are now empowering ourselves, and liberating. When you have a certain type of hair, all you have to do is find a way to condition it, cool it down, and moisturize it. It is essential to have products and care adapted to every type of hair. But when you know each other so well, it’s like everything else. As for the skin. When we know each other well there is no potential error. There are no complexes for it.

Do you have any hair styling tips to make you feel more beautiful/handsome?

Nicholas Waldorf: There is a lot! (laughs) But my personal little trick is not to wash your hair every day. When the hair starts to get dirty, it is better combed. For example, on red carpets, women’s hair is often soiled before it has been styled so that it sticks. The guy who always seems to be in great shape often has a wax or texture spray in his hair, giving the feeling of “I’m well taken care of but I didn’t do it on purpose.” This is why often when leaving the beach or waking up, we find it beautiful. But once you start combing your hair, it just doesn’t work anymore. In fact, you have to let your hair live.

Simple hairstyles ideas to achieve every type of hair?

Nicholas Waldorf: To look flawless with curly hair, you must soak your hair. Then you should apply a cream for curls. Finally, roll it up with your fingers, then let it dry softly. Thanks to this, the size will be perfect. Sometimes it’s a good idea to put a saline spray on wet hair. Indeed, when it dries, it will separate the hair a little, give it volume and coat it. Another tip: It’s best to detangle your hair when you get out of the shower. But when it starts to dry out, you shouldn’t touch or scrub it too often because that breaks the motion. Otherwise, always keep a hair dryer in your bathroom because hair dries in the direction of natural fall. So if you want nice volume, it’s always a good idea to have a hairdryer on hand.

You didn’t have much self-confidence when you were young… How did you manage to overcome your obstacles?

Nicholas Waldorf: I wasn’t necessarily a sophisticated boy: petite, without muscles, without a beard … but I told myself that for me no one knew what made me happy. From the moment I understood where to go, I began to look for it. When I told my parents I wanted to be a hairdresser, they told me it was a meager job. But you wanted to show the world that you can style hair, do it well and become a truly artist. And I’m dark. What gave me self-confidence is observing others. The hairdressing salon is a human observatory. I understand that everyone is the same. I realized that people can be rich but unhappy or beautiful but tormented. But no one is better than the other. If you are happy and doing your best for others, there is no need for it not to happen to you. You have to do your best all the time and smile and smile and smile.

Professional projects of Nicholas Waldorf

Why did you decide to publish your book “You Have an Appointment”? What message(s) do you want to convey?

Nicholas Waldorf: I realized that people do not know each other. They do not know what is going on with them or diagnose themselves. Or what color their hair was. This bothered me. Little by little it was running through my mind and I thought to myself ‘there has to be a clue’. There was none, except for those intended for professionals, which were often very expensive. So I wanted to make a guide to put all my tips and people have as many keys as possible. So that they do not find themselves helpless at the hairdresser or in front of the mirror.

How did you get into the world of television, especially Incroyables Transformations?

Nicholas Waldorf: it’s a long story ! (laughs) I won a hairdressing contest 8 years ago on the M6. Then I was shown to other reality TV shows. At first I didn’t like it, I thought I was too young and had something else to offer. I ended up asking that I get a program where I help people and do my job. I am not a TV host. If I do anything, he does my job. They developed the show soon after, and then offered it to me. For me it wasn’t going to work. It has succeeded! and I’m very happy. It allowed me to have fun and to show that hairdressing can really change people.

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