How do you cut your own hair? –

The various incarcerations prompted many men to do so shave the beard lonliness. While others see the mop visibly thickening, they go further and choose to attack their hair.

But if your chin is easy to shave, it will be very different from the rest of your head. So how do you cut your hair as a man?

Hair stylist at home? Thank you containment!

Imprisonment would at least have the advantage of sensitizing some of their untapped talents. Everywhere, men (and women) have doubled down on their creativity in an effort to pass the time, and sometimes to change their consumption style.

Since the beginning of this health crisis, you have been given tips on how to continue building muscle at home, without injuring yourself. We also tried to give you ideas to tinker with this amazing giant Game Boy game. Today, we are changing the entire registry, trying to provide an answer that many of you ask: How do you cut your hair yourself?

Google searches for this have really exploded since March 17th, the first day of confinement (like the others, let’s be honest). Lots of guys want their hair cut beforehand!

Despite the fact that we are no longer in lockdown, here are some tips for trying a fashionable haircut without the help of a professional hairstylist!

Basic tips for cutting your hair

If you are under the impression that being a hairstylist is not complicated, you can quickly change your mind. Especially since cutting your hair alone has an added difficulty: You can’t get a direct view of the top of your head or neck…

Choose the right material

Don’t go to war when you don’t have the right weapons. Well, it’s the same as before treating your mane. First of all, choose your workspace carefully, preferably in your bathroom, facing the mirror ! The ideal is to have a second mirror behind you: the game of reflection will allow you to look at your neck.

If you have long or medium-length hair, forget the round-tipped school scissors and opt for sharp, smooth scissors. This will be necessary for you Shorten the tips and filter your eyes or ears.

Of course, a trimmer will be more suitable if you have short hair. And above all, it is the best solution for cutting your hair on your own at home!

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Prepare your hair well

To cut your hair, you need to start preparing the ground! The hairdresser always shampoos your hair before they start their actual work. It’s the same at home: wash your hair well and style your hair To detangle your hair and eliminate any knots!

Part the hair well with a parting in the middle (don’t worry, it’s only temporary) so that the volume is evenly distributed. You can optionally use a clip on top of your head if you have long hair.

For the rest, we recommend a dry haircut. Wet hair tends to “short” (at least, up) while drying and you may end up with a very short or very marginal cut.

Cut little by little

Since you are not a professional, avoid rushing to the rubble! It is better to try three times to reach the desired length From cutting 3cm and realizing it’s too short!

In the same way, do not take a large handful of hair in your hands and comb it: Cut strips of 5 mm wide at most. Then check the result by pulling your hair (not too hard) perpendicular to the root. If all the hair is the same length, that’s fine, you can move on to the next lock!

Ask for an outside opinion!

If you have a child, parent, roommate or lover close at hand, there is no need to ever involve him/her (you can also ask him to cut your hair, but that’s another story).

To make sure the result lives up to your expectations, nothing beats the opinion of an outsider. This can guide you to equalize certain heights, and finalize the contour of the ear or the bottom of the neck…

The best way to cut your hair? Shaved head!

Finally, we won’t lie to each other: The drastic solution to avoiding a hair hole or an unsightly fade, is of course…Cut it all! But here again, you still have to take care to follow certain instructions to sport a beautiful bald head.

Tips for shaving your head…

We have already talked about it in this article devoted to the topic, but the reminder is in order. If your hair is longer yet, you should do the first pass with a hair clipper. Some tools allow you to shave properly, but the best thing is to use a razor to get beautiful, smooth skin.

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But be careful, we don’t just use any razors! Next to the versatile Philips OneBlade Pro, the Gillette Body remains the razor of choice for all types of terrain, but in any case, it is necessary to have new or at least well-sharpened blades.

Consider shaving gel

Just before you shave your head, apply a little shaving gel. This will moisturize the remaining hair and, above all, will improve the glide of the razor by protecting your skin to avoid cuts.

Finally, note that the skin of the skull is brittle in some places, so Limit the passage of the blade: twice in the same place, three at most. You can shave your hair from front to back the first time, and then the second time. Of course, remember to rinse your blades regularly.

…and keep it

If the Three Day Beard is a follower, the Three Day Skull (or a little more) will most likely make you look like a careless man or someone who can’t stand his baldness. Once you decide to shave everything off, make sure you take good care of your crown.

After shaving and once your scalp is dry, Just use your usual aftershave. As such, Horace’s soothing gel, which mixes menthol and aloe vera, is always our favorite.

And then, if we take into account the fact that Hair grows a millimeter every three daysIt will be necessary to repeat the process regularly (twice a week to get a nice pool ball!).

The last tip, because we don’t always think about it, but in the summer, Sunscreen may be necessary : A sunburn on the skull can be very painful, gentlemen! And we’re not even talking about the result on your appearance!

Whether you choose to rejuvenate your skin or strip it completely, you now have all the cards on hand to cut your hair well on your own at home. Finally, tell yourself that if you do not like the result, the confinement will not be eternal: your usual hairdresser will be happy to find your hair as soon as this delicate period is over … And this happiness will undoubtedly be mutual!

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