Happy took everything from me.

Jiaoli claimed that she was willing to do anything to protect her family from the accused. Driven by fear, she allegedly handed over her money and accepted the ill-treatment.

He programmed everything to seduce me and adapted his style as he progressed,” believes Jiaoli, 37, of Saeed. “He gathered information about me from people who knew me.” From the start of their relationship, he was on his thirties, hearing his alleged victim, purposely putting a crash hook on her. “It was a little girl’s dream,” she testified yesterday at the top of the 13.And Criminal Chamber of the District Court of Luxembourg. “He toyed with my weaknesses. He was kind and likable.” We have been waiting for his testimony for nearly two weeks during this long and complex trial to see more clearly. But this is not really the case.

She said he knows her passion. A house for his children and his mother, for example. The defendant allegedly offered her one and gave her a price if she entrusted her to renovate her building in Jongleinster before putting a sales agreement under her nose without the young woman seeing the house from the inside. “I don’t know how he used me to do such stupid things when I was running restaurants,” she asks.

The president is surprised by the naivety of the young woman who took everything he told her seriously. Giaoli reported the atrocities the defendant would have told him over the course of their affair: he was a colonel in the Moroccan army, director of Soludec, Sopinor and Lux-Echafaudages, head of Luxembourg’s biggest mafia, among others. As well as physical violence, insults and threats. “If what you say is true, it is still strong. Did you ever have the slightest doubt?” asks the chief. “I didn’t understand what his point of lying was,” says Giaoli.

The president asks him the question that everyone has been asking since the start of the trial: “Why did you stay with him? What should she be afraid of if she broke up? Giaoli said that he had already paid her large sums of money and that he threatened to obstruct the restoration work.” I had 2.4 million euros in credit. The young woman answers: I did not know how to pay it. The chief is back in charge. “I wanted to tell him to take it all in as long as he left me alone with my family, but he took off his watch… He always took it off before he hit me. And the way he looked at me… I knew he’d shut the door and do whatever he wanted.” Jiaoli claims that he is above all without saying anything to keep his family.

“I couldn’t resist anymore”

Long black hair falling over a sky blue and white plaid jacket coordinates with the rest of her outfit, as the defendant likes to take care of her appearance. On the bench for the accused, the latter takes on a crushed atmosphere. Jiaoli accuses. “I had to go every week to take some money from the bank and prepare an envelope for him, otherwise he would beat me.” From envelopes to transfers to Said’s account or his companies or companies that were not involved in the renovation work on his Jonglinster building, “it took everything from me”. And no bills will be left. Her bankers will eventually prevent her from making the payments, but the young woman will use tricks to circumvent his decision.

For a month, she was secretly preparing her trip to China and settling her affairs in Luxembourg, letting her mother run it. “I no longer think about going back to Luxembourg,” she says. Suicidal blackmail and the accused’s harassment of his family, she said, convinced him to renew contact with him. “In a sensitive letter, I begged him to let me live my life,” says Giaoli. “I wanted to make him understand that I could no longer breathe with him.” Without doubting it, according to her, Jiaoli took the bait of the defendant who would have accepted the threats and is said to be in the final stage of cancer. The young woman explains: “I wanted to accompany him until his death so that he would not touch my family.” “I agreed for him to come to China because he wanted to see me before he died, and that he had changed. I obeyed him more than I thought. Said had hardly arrived he was going to take his passport.”

The head of the criminal chamber read him tender text messages he sent to the defendant. “I pretended to love her. The only way to save my family was for me to do what pleases them,” says Jiaoli. In particular to return to Luxembourg.

Said denies the young woman’s accusations and his defense questions his credibility in the face of the enormity of his story. this morning, mr.be Penning and Hellinckx will have the opportunity to confront her with the defendant’s copy.

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