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What are French days?

If you don’t already know, then French days A bit like the French equivalent of American Black Friday. Except that this trade event lasts a few days and is initiated by French e-merchants and sees the light of day in 2018. Today, Discount, the deal site, also plays the game and offers exclusive offers on a wide range of products. And to spoil us even more, there are interesting promo codes that you can apply to your purchases:

  • 25 € from 299 € to buy for everyone with the code 25 Dec 299
  • €35 from €299 purchase for Cdiscount à Volonte members with code 35DES299CDAV
  • 50 € from 499 € to buy for everyone with the code 50 Dec 499
  • €60 from €499 to buy for Cdiscount à Volont members with code 60DES499CDAV

French Cdiscount Days: Our Favorite Hairstyles

Do you love taking care of your hair and trying new ways to style it? Surely you already know that for dream hair it is absolutely necessary to arm yourself with the right devices, as well as some patience. That’s why we’re excited to hear that our favorite hair products are now on sale at Discount. Should it be the first bathroom? Hair Dryer. Yes, beautiful, styled hair almost always starts with well-dried hair, which makes styling easier. So we fall into the Shimmer Pearl Babyliss For its fast drying and superior ionic technology that prevents frizz and makes hair shinier.

Pearl Shimmer hair dryer


€29.99 instead of €57.75

Those who like to wear ultra-fine hair in all conditions know the importance of choosing a good straightener. And that’s good, in Discount There are two types of the best hair straighteners on the market. in home GHDWe find Platinum + in a box with its brush. Why choose this iron? In addition to the 350 beauty awards won by GHD, we love the circular design of this hair straightener and also its predictive technology that will detect which hair type to adapt to.

GHD Platinum + Extraordinary Hair Straightener Box

GHD Platinum + Extraordinary Hair Straightener Box


249.99 euros instead of 289 euros

Another high performance hair straightener is steam pod from L’Oreal Professional, at an incredible discount of over 100 euros. Huge plus? The patented technology straightens hair using water vapor, which damages it much less than a classic straightener. We love the fact that it comes with vapo-active smoothing cream and its ultimate serum for super fine hair.

Steampod 3.0 Steam Iron

Steampod 3.0 Steam Iron

L’Oreal Professional

246.54 euros instead of 395.39 euros

Are you part of the curly hair team? Don’t panic, there are also very good hookups for sale on Cdiscount. Among our favorites is Beauty Gun by Mrs. Paris. The curling iron with its unique design allows you to create beautiful waves or curls very easily and above all according to your desires: tighter or looser. Its ceramic heating barrel oscillates between 80°C and 210°C to adapt to all hair types and make them silky while styling.

beauty gun

beauty gun

Mrs. Paris

80.91 euros instead of 199 euros

But if you’re looking for a super simple device to use to create the most stunning wavy effect, this is the Demeliss Wave Iron from Holy seaweed you need. With 10 temperature settings and a ceramic tourmaline coating, your hair will never look better. Put a wick between the winding plates, wait a few seconds and repeat with another wick. Easy as pie!

Iron Wave Demelles

Iron Wave Demelles

Holy seaweed

42.99 euros instead of 79.26 euros

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