Decipher the new hair trends that will make the season!

Back to natural curls and lengths, summer 2022 men’s haircut trends may surprise you! Previously, men had a very practical, even strict view of their haircut which should be practical and easy to achieve. Everything was labeled and it wasn’t for everyone. Fortunately, modern men quickly realized that their identity depends on the appearance of their hair. And today we can count on many diverse hairstyles. Thus longer hair is honored. We still have the court, but without the lines as before. In short, gentlemen are no longer afraid of mysterious and wild cuts. Here’s the proof!

In addition to the latest hair trends, there are other criteria that must be considered in order for a men’s haircut to be successful. So considering the nature of your hair is critical: curly or straight, thin or thick. In general, the more sparse the mane is, the more appropriate it is to choose a short haircut. On the contrary, wavy hair goes well with an airy undercut, a male bun and a chic style.

What short haircut for men summer 2022 to choose

So, before changing your appearance, make sure that the shape of your face perfectly matches the chosen one. For this purpose, feel free to consult your hair stylist. And because not all hairstyles require the same maintenance, opt for an easy-to-wear hairstyle. If a guy with a buzz cut and a shaved head requires no styling, shortening wavy hair and styled back hair requires more time in the morning.

What is the men’s summer 2022 story to be fashionable?

Men's summer curly haircut Short haircut shaved on the sides Summer 2022

Do you want to change your look in the summer of 2022? However, you do not know what hair form to adopt? With the return of natural curls, air volume and street inspiration, men’s haircuts adapt to all styles and all natures. To inspire you, here are the major cuts and hairstyles you’ll be rocking this year.

bald head

Summer men's haircuts with bald clippers White haircuts with a short beard

Long overlooked and considered ugly, the bald head is taking its revenge and is becoming a trend to embrace this year. Yes, the gentlemen who assume the ball to zero are more and more. It is very easy to practice this hairstyle in the hair salon or at home. Plus, it adapts to all body types and saves a lot of time every morning. However, you should feel completely comfortable with the mower.

Medium length wavy cut

Summer haircut for men of medium length and wavy

Very fashionable this year, the mid-length cut is tapered and airy. It is perfect for displaying thick wavy man. Of course, it can also be used on smooth hair for a classic effect. Layered gradients on the nape of the neck, the airy medium length hair is worn on the top of the head so that it can be styled at the back or at the front of the face. A much sleeker, more elegant look than long hair, but it’s also easy to master.

Undermining curly hair

Curly summer men's haircuts 2022

The bottom cut comes in different versions. With noticeable volume on the top of the head and shorter sides, it lets you play with volumes and effects. Wavy and airy, it’s the perfect choice for those who like to change styles. For a more refined look, they are worn with a less noticeable difference in length between the sides and the top of the head. Feel free to use styling products to work and improve your curls.

The cut is almost shaved

Short hair cut for men summer 2022

Shaving the head isn’t your cup of tea? So what about half the measurement? The short, semi-shaved haircut will be a sensation in the summer of 2022. An elegant and collectible look. The only downside? It is growing again very quickly. Therefore, it must be maintained regularly. Because just like an unshaven beard, it shows!

Summer 2022 haircut for men in an elegant style

Timothée Chalet medium length wavy haircut for men with bangs 2022

The elegant haircut is a tailor-made cut just like a man’s suit. But in 2022, it is reinventing itself to adapt to everyone. Here, the Timothée Chalamet version is perfectly tailored to better accentuate his facial features. It’s meant to be layered a little at the nape of the neck for added comfort, while in the front, it allows the long, curvy locks to flourish.

Gradient on salt and pepper hair

Short deteriorating summer men's haircut salt and pepper

In 2022, the trend will be gradients that will continue to rise thanks to a nuance: the use of physical products like wax and gel. The layered cut is an alternative that works well for those of you who want to maintain a longer length on top of the head. On top of that, it goes great with salt and pepper hair.

masculine cake

Long hair man bun male haircut with beard

In contrast to the shaved head, the lengths are making their revolution among the gentlemen. Straight or curly hair stops at jawline or shoulder level, and there’s something for everyone this year. To be dressed elegantly, nothing like a male bun that still has a bright future ahead which is generally worn with a short or medium length beard.

Undercut wavy and shaggy hair

Teenage wavy haircut summer 2022

Undercut oblique

Pepper and salt straightened hair with a man's hair, a trend cut summer 2022 with a beard

Semi-shaved with a long beard

Short hair cut for black beard men summer 2022

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