Cyril Hanoun: TPMP Presenter in a Relationship with Ludivine Sagna?

Cyril Hanouna will be in a relationship again after his split from Kelly Vidophile. And his lover will be Ludivine the beautiful Sagna.

Cyril Hanuna’s private life is of great interest to fans of TPMP. A new rumor is spreading. The presenter will be in a relationship with Ludivine Sagna. But is this true? We tell you all about it in this article.

Cyril affectionate as a couple?

Affectionate Cyril is often the victim of rumors about his private life. must say that in 2019 he separated from his wife Emily, mother of his two children. The host explained that her rhythm was no longer possible for her and that there was a break.

But since then, is the host single? Not long ago, the latter had entered Couple with columnist Kelly Vidovili. But since then it’s over. There seems to be some tension between them. We saw it during a TPMP broadcast.

In fact, the young woman announced that she wanted to change her life. Then she came back with a new haircut and her ambition to quit smoking. What Cyril Hanouna threw a few spades. ” What’s up with your boyfriend? Asked.

He also explained a very special anecdote about the intimate life of a young woman. She does not sleep at night. She goes to bed very late and sleeps until 4 pm. Rhythm is completely incompatible with a TPMP host who goes to bed early.

But a new rumor spread. Some think that affectionate Cyril will be in a relationship With the footballer’s ex-wife, Ludivine Sagna. Very beautiful woman! But is this rumor really true? We tell you more about it later.

Ludivine Sagna, his new sweetheart?

On April 14, in a TPMP broadcast, Cyril Hanoun announced to Danielle Moreau: “ If I wasn’t in a relationship, I would allow myself to be tempted.” But the host didn’t say more. He just went on to say, ” Unfortunately, there you see, that’s good! »

As a result, rumors circulate about his intimate life! On May 11, it was Oqba, the famous blogger who identifies himself as the popular new gossip girl, who threw a bomb on himself. Cyril Hanouna will be in a relationship with Ludivine Sagna.

He confirmed in his story that the host even offered him A bag from Hermès for my new love. A new relationship for him? Okabi says he has a source who saw the couple on May 3 at Dib’s restaurant. But The public denies the information.

The magazine said in an article that it can certify that Cyril Hanoun is not in a relationship with Ludivine Sagna. But the article does not provide any evidence of what they are saying. Then, For now, the mystery is still pending.

It depends who you want to believe! Blogger who posts scoops regularly or publicly. In any case, no doubt, there will certainly be new information in the coming days. The facilitator often talks about personal anecdotes.

Then to see if he would talk about this relationship, which shouldn’t be too old. It must be said that at the beginning of the year, according to rumors, he was still with Kelly Vidovili. waiting, Animation also focuses on professional projects. this is the last one Write a movie!

For Kelly Vidophile who was recovering from her breakup, It’s time to change life. And for now, she seems to stick with it.

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