Compiegne. While driving, Brice Pierotti hits his partner and voluntarily hits a motorcycle

For Brice Pierruti, it was just a “quarrel” with his companion. Judge Steen noticed a bruise on the young woman’s body. – Illustrative image.

He adopts a low figure, speaking in a muffled voice. Thursday, May 12 From the defendants’ box, Brice Pierruti, 20, shows anything about the violent person described by his companion, witnesses and the motorcyclist who was brought down by the suspect. It has nothing to do with the facts for which he was tried.”quarrelsIt is presented systematically. Moreover, he was sentenced two weeks ago in a similar case.
The couple have known each other for less than six months. He, Compiégnois, is a self-employed delivery driver. She works as a receptionist in a hotel. They already spoke vaguely about marriage. She is expecting a child. Where immaturity will be indicated by the court and the prosecution during the hearing.
When I love someone, I’m impulsive. I do not know why“Bryce Pierretti is breathing.”These incidents of violence are not fiction‘,” notes Marie-Céline Loris, the attorney general.
The first incidents were committed between 5 and 8 March. Bryce and his companion decided to separate on the first of March. However, I dined with him in the following days. On March 4, upon leaving the restaurant, she asked him to take her home. He refuses. A quarrel follows and then everyone leaves. Decided to end the evening at New Bell with friends, a club in downtown Compiègne. When she came out early in the morning, he was waiting for her. He grabbed her by the neck, hit her on the ground and punched her in the stomach.
On March 8, the couple met in the Royallieu district of Compiègne. She is in the car. He suggests her to stop. They exchange a few words about the unborn child and then the scene turns into a spin. give him”peach in the noseHe asks her to get out of her car. He violently grabbed her arm several times. She refuses.
Spend another evening at New Bell with friends. “I wanted to make fun of him because he would always go out with his friends and stop me from doing the same to my friends.“The young woman admits. Price will receive five calls during the evening, from his partner’s phone, but not from hers.”We go out around five!Says the voice during the last call.

He’s there, following her, teasing her

The following text messages give an idea of ​​the tensions:I broke my nose. I go to the policeYou will tell him. “Do not do this! I have a deadline… I’ll be in dire straits. I’ll see the baby in the salon!Then he writes to her:Yesterday I had sex with my jaw.Which reminds him:We couldn’t even see each other yesterday!»
As for the car scene, at Royallieu, Bryce advances: “She had a stick and she wanted to douse me with acid.»

Then he adds frankly:It was not intentional violence. I pushed her and she fell on the carCoquard continues to explain.Every time I wanted to go home, he would stop me‘ says the young woman.

Locked in the car

Violence escalated further on May 9. That day, he came to pick her up from work in Creel with a rented car. They went to a fast food restaurant and the young woman hoped he would then drive her to her place. But he doesn’t see it that way. It was about three in the evening when the 308 black, leaving Compiegne, was heading toward Atishi. Brice Pierroti driving his car. “we were fightingsays again. In fact, he distributes punches to his comrade. The scene does not escape from a high school student following a motorbike. The young man steps up to him and knocks in the rearview mirror.
Furious, Pierotti throws a bottle, then swerves to corner the biker. “stop, but stopThe young woman receiving new blows yells in response. Brice Pierrotty ends up touching the wheels. The motorcyclist loses control and falls down. “Whoa whoa! But the driver continues on his way. Several times I tried to open the door to escape. You failed to succeed. But Pierruti grabbed her by the hair and repeatedly hit her head in the car.

He was caught on camera while hitting her

3:40 p.m. A gendarmerie patrol takes calls. “There is a man in the woods bumping into a woman and forcing her into a car!The scene did not go unnoticed. Three men in a car even had the reaction to taking a picture. Thanks to them, the soldiers will return to Beirut. It was 7:40 pm, when they located him, flashed the lights and interrogated him. His victim is on his side, his face bleeding.
We were arguing. I was just trying to calm her downStill, Pierroti explains, he is still in denial.Why didn’t you let her go as you asked?asks President Baptiste Bonnemort. “I didn’t want her to find herself alone in the woods with all these trucks and all these guys“The aggressor says, O great master. All testimonies may overwhelm him, and he insists that he did not beat her, but prevented her.”To take the car keys“.”How do you explain the presence of all the bruises he suffers from?asks the chief. “63 in all! ‘, identifies Prosecutor Lawrysz.I was carrying it… “,” Still Pierroti.
In the room is the other victim, a young motorcyclist who wears a large bandage on his left arm. In the fall it burned. The gendarmerie found him by calling the hospital. The biker was a victim of falls in the afternoon well. “I didn’t see him fall. I didn’t touch it in any way. We were fighting with my girlfriend. The steering wheel stopped for a moment. I just heard a thump.»
The President, after recalling the four entries on his criminal record and the last conviction dating back more than ten days for violence, asked him:What do you think ?With his head down, Pierretti murmurs:I’m sorry. I really thought about that night in prison.He adds, without wavering:Before meeting her, I did not have these problems of violence.»
Prosecutor Lawrysz scathing: “She is his thing, his. There are two victims that have nothing to do with each other. He is violent, not impulsive. He is intelligent and has a forward attitude towards the audience. He could have been killed. On May 20, he is still called to the driver’s endangerment case.“She needs five years in prison, accompanied by a year of probation and constant detention.
I don’t know why I accepted this file’” She regrets Mr. Emily Henick, who has known Brice Pierruti since she was thirteen years old. “It is violent and must stop. But prison will not allow him to readjust. Needs care and pain under the electronic bracelet“, she believes.
But the court did not see it as such and sentenced the accused to four years in prison with a one-year suspension of probation for two years. He will have to follow care, he will not be able to contact his victims and when he comes out, he will wear a counter-reconciliation bracelet.
Currently, Brice Pierruti, who has ten days to appeal, is sleeping in prison

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