Christina Cordola: This tip helped her break into the fashion show

Sometimes it takes nothing to change just about everything…Christina Cordola has experienced it: A small detail can revolutionize a career. navel? She shared it with her audience at Le Figaro on Thursday, May 12th.

Magnifaïk darling.The cult expression of Christina Cordola resonates with an accent tinged with the Brazilian sun. This Thursday, May 12, presenter Shopping queens Reveals in columns figaro navel modeling career. She’s been wearing the boyish cut for several years, but it wasn’t always that way. However, by agreeing to shorten her hair the star emerged on the catwalk. “JI only have one picture left in my book, but a full viewing schedule in a few days”, Remember the fashion icon. The hair revolution that led her to the top.

Thanks to her new look, Christina Cordola has Attracted the attention of the largest homes. Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gauthier … These brands have opened the doors to a super glamorous everyday life, made ofHaute couture, fashion shows and great photographers from Milan and Paris “That I dreamed of since childhood.

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She’s still wearing her life-changing haircut, The design expert started her retraining In 2002 he opened a makeover agency. Since then, she’s also become the small screen host we know, and appreciate for her candor, infectious expressions, and cult lines. And Her hair still charms. She is sometimes criticized, as in October 2021 when she accessorized her traditional hairstyle with a small lock hanging over her face, sometimes praised by the millions of fans who make up her community on social networks…Christina Cordola is far from out of ideas to further her career.

So she launched her brand of beauty products titled Magnifaïk in January 2022. Since the makeup line, which was held during pregnancy, aims above all at “radiate and feel better about the person who wears it”, said the businesswoman. A source of concern the welfare of others What distinguishes a professional?which works daily to make those who pass their hands feel better about themselves.


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