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“We wanted to support all patients treated at Quimper, from Pays de Cornouaille, Pays Bigouden, Cap-Sizun, Châteaulin, etc.” Isabel Knoxse, President of KermpeR’Ose, whose third edition took place on October 3, 2021, is proud to discover the materials obtained by the Saint-Michel and Sainte-Anne Clinic on Monday, May 9, thanks to donations. compiled by the association. This solidarity race to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention raised €30,714*. €18,954 was used to purchase Paxman. This is a machine that can reduce hair loss by 30% in breast cancer patients treated with chemotherapy.

Pascal Charrier, KermpeR’Ose’s secretary, Isabelle Nixie, president of the association, and Christelle Picot, director of health at the Saint-Michel and Sainte-Anne Clinic. (Telegram / Johann Bouchet)

“Patients had to wear a cap cooled to -27°C”

“We’re proud. I feel like I won first prize! It’s a substance we’ve been eagerly awaiting! Healthcare Director Christelle Beko says, without holding back her enthusiasm. It must be said that clinic availability so far is very restricted. Patients have to wear a refrigerated cap until – 27 ° C. It was difficult for patients to tolerate the freezing temperature and the weight of the cap. Some even abandoned its use, ”explains the health director of the Department of Oncology. The machine acquired by the clinic, which Quimper Cornwell Hospital already owns, will improve patients’ well-being. The new cooling cap, connected to the device, will release a constant temperature of -4°C. In addition, hair regrowth has been shown to be more consistent.

Christelle Beko, Executive Director of Healthcare, displays former cooling caps used by chemotherapy patients.  Hats that showed - 27°C which was very restrictive, Ala
Christelle Beko, Executive Director of Healthcare, displays former cooling caps used by chemotherapy patients. The caps that showed -27°C which was very restrictive, even causing headaches for users. (Telegram / Johann Bouchet)

5,000 participants in the fourth KempeR’Ose?

How can the cold stop hair loss? “Injected products for chemotherapy are alopecia products, meaning they chemically cause hair loss,” explains Christelle Beko. “Putting a cap on the skull at too low a temperature will constrict the blood vessels in the scalp and thus limit the spread of the product on the hair,” she adds.

Of the 30 patients the clinic department currently follows, five have already been able to try this new substance. About two dozen caregivers and nurses have already been trained to use this device, which can be used simultaneously by two people undergoing chemotherapy.

Representatives of KermpeR’Ose, for their part, are still amazed at the presentation of such high-tech equipment, and are already busy preparing for the fourth edition of this Solidarity race. In 2019 we had 1,200 participants, in 2021 it was 2,500, but we had to turn people away due to health measures. For the next release, October 2, 2022, we want to rally 4,000 to 5,000 people! », you are already dropping a photo of Isabelle Nuixe. Registrations are open on the KempeR’Ose website!

* Of the €30,714 raised, €18,954 enabled the purchase of Paxmann, €4,000 was donated to the Kemper Institut du Sein (Kis) and €7,760 to the Innoveo Fund. The call for projects for the fourth edition of KermeR’Ose has already been launched. Institutions have until the end of June to submit their proposals.

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