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Hair Alert: A new trendy haircut is coming this season! A perfect combination between a short square hairstyle and a zigzag hairstyle, the bobcat cut is there to beautify your face and help you stay in the current hair trends. So, after Box Bob, full fire on Bob’s shaggy little sister!

Bobcat cut or the perfect combination of square and hairstyle

Sure, the wavy bob keeps gaining popularity, season after season. However, the flavored hair cut comes out to flatter its unified side…and doesn’t bother us. In English, this strange word refers to wool, or more specifically, a long-pile carpet. A subtle blend of a decadent cut and a mullet cut, the slicked-back look plays with the dimensions of the hair. She narrows the lengths to create levels that frame the face and create a rocky, chic look. Mostly worn on long hair, this hybrid haircut is now called for young men. Curly and fuzzy, it’s perfect for upgrading and giving a shaggy effect to a short bob. the most? Everyone can adopt it. Curly, straight or wavy girls…no one delivers.

What exactly is a bobcat cut?

Trendy short-haired women's bobcat haircut

For those who don’t understand yet, it’s a short square to which the unstructured effect of a zigzag haircut is added. the name of the thing american wild catThe new version of Back to School 2021 follows in the footsteps of her older sister (shaggy hairstyle), which has been very popular on social networks since 2019. What’s the difference? Bobcats are shorter in length and worn over the shoulders to frame and enhance the face. Otherwise, the principle remains the same: slope, volume and pointed explosion. In addition, all men can benefit from it: straight, wavy, curly, thick, thin, colored hair, etc. And because it’s only one step from the web to the streets, there’s no doubt that this hybrid hairstyle will be everywhere this fall. All you have to do is find out which version is right for you!

Who are the bobcats for?

Nina Dobrev adopts a bobcat short decadent haircut for women

As a rule, this look is very suitable for thick legs and a little less for thin hair (at risk of losing mass). On Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok, the new version of the back to school trend has been launched! The same hat on the red carpet that the stars wear brilliantly. Nina Dobrev, Emma Stone, Diana Agron, Olivia Wilde, Scarlett Johansson are some of the first to dare this hair transformation. The result ? Precious face and improved mane.

How to design and maintain your own square cut bobcat shaggy, decadent woman

How do you keep an ellipse exactly like a bobcat? In fact, there is no set rule. Contrary to popular belief, this back-to-school hairstyle is very easy to style. Like the shaggy hair look, simply style your hair lengths or wrap it while it’s still wet. Coming out of brushing so perfectly! Let the hair air dry and spray it with a salt water spray to create texture and give volume to the hair mass. The idea? Sport mane natural and aerial.

Bobcat haircut tips maintenance bobcat square hairstyle short haircut woman

Girls with very smooth hair can blow dry it upside down. They can also choose a few light waves made from a straight iron. As for the curly man, it is better to use mousse to redefine the curls. For a rocky and chic look, elongate the waves with a straightener. Pledge a very natural wave!

Bobcat on red hair

Bobcat Short Haircut Woman Hairstyle Shag Red Hair

Bobcat with camouflaged bangs

Short hair cut bobcat square hair shaggy hairstyle

Bobcat haircut on blonde and fine hair

Bobcat square hair cut short fine hair woman

Bobcat with pointy baby bangs

Bobcat square hair cut back to school 2021 short hair woman

Olivia Wilde and her blonde cat

Olivia Wilde Bobcat Short Blonde Cut Bob

The bobcat is enhanced with a delicate ombre

Square Bobcat Wig Back to School 2021 Dark Hair Trend

Bobcat and balayage chocolate

Short Square Haircut Bobcat Back To School Women's Haircut 2021

The bobcat’s hair is tough

Short square bobcat hair cut harsh pink woman

Bobcat on black hair

Square Bobcat Short Haircut For Women Back To School 2021

Short square haircut that goes back to school in 2021

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