10 things that cause hair loss in women

The hair loss in women It could be caused by several factors. This phenomenon may be related to Stressa Lose weighta Contraception or just loss Eating food. This is also the first thing that is suspected if a patient complains of frequent hair loss.

You must have a file food Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Hair loss also tends to be seasonal. If you tend to lose it in the fall, your doctor will suggest a course food supplement Which will provide you with the nutrients needed for your metabolism,” explains Dr.

Hair health will be closely related cellular metabolism. The latter refers to all the chemical reactions that allow cells to produce new molecules to build their structure. If he sees himself restless, this will affect the hair. It will explain most of the causes of hair loss.

“The hair bulb It contains highly active cells. It needs a lot of nutrients to function,” adds our specialist. So a balanced or unbalanced diet will explain – in most cases – the condition of the hair.

Hair Loss: Do you suffer from hair loss?

It can result in significant hair loss Androgenic alopecia. “A number of women, like men, will chronically lose hair in certain areas,” Dr. Gallay shares.

Mostly targeting androgenetic alopecia skull top It leads to a reduction in the thickness of the hair.

Some women will be vulnerable without realizing it. This may be due to genetic reasons in particular. For several years, the problem can be hidden and then appear after pregnancy, at menopause or after great stress.

If you have reason to believe you have androgenetic alopecia, see your doctor. The latter will then direct you to the specialist after hormonal assessment. Depending on the specific issue, you will be prompted for consultation Dermatologist or endocrinologist.

Be careful not to misunderstand. Hair loss does not necessarily mean hair loss. Other reasons may explain this. We communicate with them with Dr. Isabel Galley.

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