Which medium-length wedding hairstyle do you prefer? 7 great ideas for D-Day

Are you engaged and planning to get married in the spring or summer of 2022? First congratulations! You are undoubtedly very excited for this huge event which will mark a new chapter in your life. So, have you already chosen your wedding dress model? And the rest of your look? How will you wear your hair on a special occasion? If you have not decided yet and your hair is neither too short nor too long, we immediately help you with some ideas of wedding hairstyles for medium length hair according to the latest trends of the current year. Which one is yours?

Wedding hairstyles ideas for loose medium length hair

Ladies who prefer to smooth out their hair will love this idea that is so simple in its simplicity. This medium length wedding hairstyle looks magical thanks to the slightly tousled wavy blowdry. Of course, it is the beautiful blonde locks that make the look even more charming and attractive. At the same time, drawing your parting on the side is among the best trends of 2022, which frankly makes the overall look irresistible. The more compensated, the more expensive the result!

Wedding hairstyle for medium long hair simple flower crown

Love the idea of ​​a wavy blowdry and want a sexy hairstyle, but you’re a brunette who doesn’t want to bleach your skin? Therefore, the most creative solution would be to choose a very elegant and shocking flower crown! This small, high-impact accessory is very popular this year and is one of the best ways to add glamor to your look without resorting to permanent solutions.

Wedding hairstyle medium long hair braid flower tiara

Your wreath can include real green flowers and leaves as well as different fabric flowers. These are a great alternative to wildflowers, peonies, uranulus, and more, which are relatively fragile and won’t last all day. Plus, the florals in hair (with or without a waffle crown braid) look gorgeously bohemian, which is definitely trending in 2022.

A very luxurious low bun in a few magical variations

Wedding Hairstyle Idea Medium Length Hair Artistic Low Bun

Next, we continue with the classic medium-length wedding hairstyle that has seduced girls of all generations for centuries. Yes, it is indeed a very elegant and aesthetically pleasing low bun. Whether it’s slicked back, tousled, knotted, or artistic, the low bun remains an unbeatable, traditional fix that should definitely be considered on your very special day.

Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial Medium Long Twisted Low Bun Hair

Here is a photo tutorial that shows exactly how to make a twisted low bun that looks great. If you are planning a wedding on a low budget, you can even show the photos to a helpful girlfriend who dreamed of becoming a hairdresser when you were young. You will likely be able to reproduce it on your head, which will save you a lot of money on the side of a professional stylist.

Wedding Hairstyle Idea Medium Long Blondes Low Bun

This is a great trick that all girls with modest lengths or with fine and fluffy hair will love. Take a piece of sponge and secure it over your neck with pins as shown above. Wrap your locks around the sponge to hide them completely by adding as many bobby pins as needed. The resulting cake looks well puffed and plump, doesn’t it?

Medium Length Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial Braided Low Bun

The low braided bun is another big trend in 2022 that shouldn’t be underestimated. It is perfect for a romantic medium length wedding hairstyle, as it is charming and simple at the same time. We begin by making two identical braids on both sides of the face. Next, we make a loose tail with the rest of the hair and twist it over itself to make a bun and hold it in place.

Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Long Hair Low Bun With Braids

Finally, we take the side braids, pull them back and secure them just above the bun with small bobby pins, bending at their free ends. This is another relatively easy wedding hairstyle of medium length that a friend of yours can do calmly after several attempts beforehand. In the end, your hairstyle doesn’t have to be expensive to look great!

Hairstyle ideas with jewelry for medium length hair

Wedding Hairstyle Medium Long Hair Low Pull Back Blonde Sweep Bun

Tiaras, tiaras, headbands and clips are another cool and trendy solution to add more prestige to your medium hair wedding hairstyle. In 2022, we notice the remarkable return of the gold or silver hair comb that wonderfully enhances the hair of blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Nails and brooches decorated with crystals or pearls are also very popular among modern brides.

Wedding Hairstyle Medium Hair Bun Low Jewelry Shaggy

What do you think of this messy low bun adorned with multiple leaf-shaped brooches with dew-like pearls? Of course, these delicate accessories look even more amazing thanks to the very bold and attractive blond balayage on brunette. Do you dare to do a medium length wedding hairstyle that will catch all eyes on you?

Wedding Hairstyle Mid Length Shaggy Hair Bun Top Jewelry

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