“Very ugly teenager”, father a firefighter, “30 kg extra”, addiction, “little depression” … to find out

HPI Series makes a comeback on TF1. A chance to discover everything you didn’t know about his incendiary actress, Audrey Floro, who is talented and honest…as crazy!

With her light brown hair and pearly skin, 44-year-old Audrey Floro has imposed her individuality on screens small and big. An actress who has now become a necessity for French cinema, to delight the successful series HPI, Who returns with season two. Morgan, a talented cleaning lady, conducts the investigation in an atypical manner. Perfect in her role as an overwhelmed, unrestrained single mother, in the face of the rigidity of police methods, she seduces the actress with a natural Bago. However, nothing set the tone for the young woman to become an actress.

Audrey Floro, the only daughter of a firefighter father at La Comédie Française

Born in Mantes-la-Jolie in 1977, young Audrey lives a quiet life with her mother looking after her child. A family that wasn’t really artistic, as she herself admits, but that was without relying on a bit of fate, ever since Firefighter’s father She worked at the Comédie Française. The little girl goes there a lot, and she fuels her passion for the performing arts there. “I was lonely girl They have always accompanied me in all my desires, whatever they may be‘, trust me she.

Audrey Floro, addicted to tango

As a child, Audrey tried all artistic activities, with a penchant for dancing. “I went to circus school for three years, taking every possible dance class imaginable, classical, tap, and modern jazz. And at the age of fourteen, she started theater in earnest“It’s indisputable to stop dancing for the young woman who did well.”It’s hard to do anything‘, she said she. As soon as I don’t play, I’ll dance, In Paris or anywhere else (…) Tango? This dance is addictive. As in theatre, we look for the moment of grace, when the music you and your partner become one.

Audrey Floro, cut during editing by Woody Allen

2011 may not be a good year for the actress. That year, Woody Allen’s film, Midnight in Paris, was released. Audrey Fleurot plays some scenes there, which eventually won’t be preserved in the final version. A frosty disappointment, it was enshrined in the same year with the success of Intouchables by Olivier Nacache and Eric Toledano, with Omar Sy and François Cluzet.

Audrey Floro, no doubt about eating watermelon

Faithful to herself, Audrey Floro hasn’t lost her feet after the huge box office successuntouchables In 2011. The person who played The Lady of the Lake in the series Camelot, saw his career take off, but there was no doubting he was taking the big head. “This doesn’t change my way of thinking at all: I always prefer a small role in a big movie to a big role in a small movieidentified in the columns of the magazine she. Success brings freedom of choice.

Audrey Floro: “When I was a teenager, I was very ugly”

If she embodies Omar C’s imagination in the Intouchables, Audrey is less gentle with her than her own reflection in the mirror. As I confided to our colleagues at Gala: “When I was a teenager, I was very ugly. Being short-sighted, I wore glasses with thick lenses (…), I had two braces, thirty kilograms more.” Trusts without compromise for the actress who concludes: “When someone sends me a picture that is so rewarding physically, I want to say, ‘But if only you knew how much fraud I am! “Because in my head, I’m still that teenager out there!”

Audrey Floro, postpartum depression of her son Lou

In 2015, Audrey Florott welcomed her baby boy Lou, He was born out of his love for the director Jibril Gleesan, savor the joys of motherhood. If we spot her as a satisfied young mother, the year following her son’s birth will be a very complicated backstage, as she confided in 2018 to Halfpost. “Having wanted my son so much, I had what’s called a major puerperal blues. Postpartum depression is justified by a lack of preparation, because during her pregnancy Audrey Floro worked on two films. “I didn’t have time to look at my stomach. (…]Nine months is the time it takes to get used to the idea, and since I didn’t have time to make use of it, I think it took nine months of observation“After months of wandering, it’s finally a hormonal rebalancing treatment that will allow him to regain the upper hand.”If I was told earlier that It wasn’t my fault, it was a hormonal hitBecause I couldn’t do anything about it, and that I had to take therapy to reformat myself, I would have wasted less time.. “

HPI, season 2, pressure on Audrey Floro

While the series HPI Millions of followers are eagerly awaiting the second season, and Audrey Floro does not hide her pressure. “In season one, we were under the radaranalyzes the actress in columns Entertainment TV. We wanted it to work but there was no particular expectation from the public.” There are no particular expectations, but then in the spring of 2021, the public will be there. The audience’s successes are historical for the eight episodes of the first season. “We experienced a kind of planetary alignment, continues the young woman. Then, as soon as I tell you that, I’m not hiding from you that we still have tremendous pressure because we know we’re expected in season two.A second date, Audrey says to herself.Very proud“.

See you on TF1 this Thursday, May 12, 2022 from 9:10 pm to discover the new episodes of the series HPIseason 2, with Audrey Floro, at the top of her game.

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