TPMP: Kelly Vidophile Changed Her Life It’s A New Beginning For Me!

Kelly Vidophile is back at TPMP. She explains that she made a new start in her life. But for what reasons?

As you may know, Kelly Vidophile has been a columnist for TPMP for a few years. But the young woman wants a new beginning, a new life. But what does that really mean? Will the young woman leave? We will explain everything to you.

Kelly Vidophile wants a new life

Rest assured, Kelly Vidophile will not be leaving TPMP. But the young woman really wants a new life. Then she decided to make some changes to give herself a fresh start. She also appeared with a new haircut.

No more long hair, in fact, columnist Yesterday she wore a very short haircut on the shoulders. Always blond, her haircut was a surprise on the set. She admitted that she assessed her life during a weekend in the country. Then, the decisions were made.

“I was like, I’m going! I cut my hair, quit smoking“.I feel it is a new beginning for me It must be said that this life change is not too surprising when you know more about his private life.

After this reflection, Cyril Hanouna decided to make a spade towards the young woman. He replied: What’s wrong with your boyfriend? » Because according to the old saying, women change haircuts when they change men. A little cliched we will not lie.

But the young woman, not being pressured, continued to quote her. ” I took the opportunity to ask myself. Watch the horizon. the lake […]. pond. I was lying in the sun. I asked myself a lot of questions And I said to myself: Where am I going?

TPMP: Cyril is affectionate as a couple?

Is Cyril Hanouna single or not? He was thinking during the last broadcast of TPMP. But according to rumors, Kelly Vidovilli and the host He was going to have a little romance. But the two have not met since then.

Hence the tension of the young woman every time the facilitator spoke to her. Especially since the columnist Hasn’t been there for a while. But she recently returned. And she didn’t hesitate To respond to Cyril’s affectionate ripples.

After making it clear that she was going to quit smoking, the hostess replied: Will you stop sleeping all the time? » Like what, the host knows his habits well. ” You should know that Kelly Vidophile does not sleep at night.

He explained that Kelly Vidophile He sleeps from 7 am to 4 pm. Completely out of step. On the other hand, affectionate Cyril was captivated by the fact that he slept very early and that he particularly did not like to go out at night. Two completely different rhythms.

in february, The young woman was having an affair, they were talking about on TPMP. But since then it’s over. And so this may be the reason for the split between the host and the beautiful blonde. Completely incompatible rhythm of life. Which would be understandable.

In any case, the tension between the two is already palpable. Hopefully their relationship will calm down in the coming weeks. Right now, there is electricity in the air. Spikes fly in all directions. case to follow.

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