Top 5 easy-to-make hairstyles that will make summer 2022!

The approaching hot season is the perfect opportunity to change your mind! So we invite you to welcome the beautiful days with a new hairstyle inspired by the latest trends. But, which one to choose exactly? To make it easier for you, today our editors compile the hairstyle trend for 2022 into 5 stylish ideas that will stand out in the upcoming season. So, what is the summer hairstyle for women designed for you? to focus.

Trendy hairstyle for summer 2022 in 5 inspiring ideas to adopt in the coming months

Whether you have long or medium length hair, our trendy summer 2022 hairstyle ideas cater to all types of men and all desires. It is up to you to choose the best hairstyle that suits your preference. From braids to buns, through wet hair…plus, there’s no shortage of retro inspiration either!

fishtail braid

Summer Hairstyle Long Hair Trend 2022 Fishtail Braid

The trendy women’s hairstyle of 2022 is defending braids from every angle this summer! The Evidence: The return of the all-occasion wearable ponytail and its endless variations. Elegant, charming and always fashionable, it is worn in weddings and all kinds of other formal occasions. All you have to do is choose the version that best suits your outfit. A fishtail braid that descends on the shoulder, wavy hair adorned with a side tail or a braided crown… You are definitely spoiled for choice.

We agree that creating this trendy braid can be quite challenging, especially if you are a beginner. To help you better, we invite you to review the demonstration video below which is also suitable for beginners. good luck !

The Space Bonus: A Cake Duo That Will Make Summer 2022!

Easy summer hairstyle trend 2022 Space buns with a modern and trendy hair style

Remember the space bun, the staple hairstyle of the ’90s and 2000s made especially popular by the Spice Girls? In 2022, we’ve seen the return of many vintage fashion pieces, and hairstyles are no exception. Vacuum buns sit on top of the head and can be worn on hair tied up or down, accompanied by braids or bangs. Admittedly, the idea of ​​the hairstyle was to adopt it with your eyes closed. Enough to clean your neck during a heat wave!

Space buns adapt to all hairstyles and their realization is very simple. To do this, first separate your hair into two equal parts. Next, form two small cakes high, making sure that they are the same size. there !

Modern Woman Hairstyle Trend Summer 2022 Vintage Space Buns Hair Style

from size to the seventies

Volume hairstyle 2022 summer trend in the seventies how to do

Here’s another classic summer hairstyle that’s making a comeback on the hair scene in 2022! The perfect summer party look that’s sure to turn heads. The essential ingredients to recreate this hairstyle that adds volume to hair? Round brush, hair dryer and rollers! If you have bangs, thicken it with the brush and hair dryer, brushing it away from your face. Then connect the maiden and spend the whole night with them. In the morning, take it out and brush your skin with a paddle brush. Is enough !

Trendy women’s hairstyle 2022: wet hair in summer

Simple summer women's hairstyle trend 2022 wet hair look wet hair how to achieve

Do you want a trendy 2022 hairstyle that is very easy to achieve this summer? Highlighting wet hair that hasn’t stopped seducing gorgeous girls for the past two or three years. To make your hairstyle wet look, first brush your dry hair back. Next, take a dab of the gel, rub it between your fingers and apply it to the top of your mane while moving the hair back. Give a natural effect to your simple summer hairstyle by adding a hit of gel to your hair lengths. Finally, apply it with hair spray and dry it briefly with a hair dryer. The gel will strengthen and enhance the shine of your hair.

If the overall “wet hair” look is too much for you, consider adopting the sleek hair trend, the more effective semi-hair look.

low bun

Summer Woman Hairstyle Trend 2022 Low Bun

Let’s finish off the modern hairstyle ideas for summer 2022 that will be on everyone’s mind for the coming months with a quick and easy low bun! Created in two phases and three moves, this hairstyle is available in a few variations for you to adopt as you see fit.

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