Top 100 Rotten Jokes

Do you like spoiled jokes? Take a dose of good humor and make your friends laugh out loud with our selection of the funniest jokes.

Top 25 Rotten Short Jokes

Little girl raising her thumb up. credit : Olkas

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Here is our ranking Best short rotten jokes ever weather. Although they are almost nothing, they are sure to make you laugh out loud.

  • Snail meets slug. What did he say ?

Oh beautiful convertible!

  • Do you know the date of breakfast?

No pot!

  • Do you know the story of the penguin who breathed through his buttocks?

One day, he sat on a chair and died.

  • Do you know the history of poetry?

Before, it was fine. Now it is pubic.

  • What is green and wearing an abaya?

imitation cucumberbig tomatoes.

  • What do you call the baby elephant born prematurely?

early elephant.

  • Cows close their eyes during milking. why ?

To make condensed milk.

  • What is the history of bunk beds?

it’s a long story.

  • Have you ever heard the story of the man who slapped a blind man?

You didn’t see that coming.

  • Do you know the story of a panda who is tired of life?

It is the same panda.

  • What yellow and wait?


  • What is green and grows in the garden?

alien shits.

  • When does a dog say meow?

when he learns aNew language.

  • What does the dog say after defecation at home?

The cat does the same, but you never get angry.

  • What is the definition of sexual dysfunction?

He’s a stubborn guy and he’s late.

  • Why are balloons blocked on the hero question board?

Because Julian Liebers.

  • Do you know the history of the chair?

It is foldable.

  • Welcome ? It’s Jesus!
  • but not !
  • But lo!
  • It’s a little heron who asks his father: Are we tampons?

But no, we herons, let’s take a small step.

  • Do you know the flamingo story?

One day he takes his foot and falls.

  • Why do giraffes have so long necks?

Because they stink butts.

  • What is country yogurt?

a Yogurt.

  • What animals walk on their heads?


  • What is the closing limit?

Put the key under the door.

  • What is the feeling of the drugs in the pill box?

feel pressured.

Top 25 Rotten Jokes With Black Humor

Friends laugh over a good dinner. credit : seventy four

Here is a selection of black humor jokes that you will find funny regardless. It includes some quotes, many funny stories and questions/answers that will make you laugh out loud.

  • What is a hunchback without legs and arms?


  • What does a roll of toilet paper say to Luke Skywalker?

I wipe your father.

  • Why don’t you slap the deaf?

Lose half the fun. He feels the slap, but does not hear it.

  • Who sank the Titanic?

Ice mountain. Another Jew.

  • How do you make a woman scream twice?

By tapping on it and then scanning itself in the blinds.

  • When should a leper quit poker?

When lose control.

  • Mom, mom, why is dad so pale?

Shut up and keep digging!

  • Prince Charles told his mother:

You know mom, Diana talks a lot.

His mother answers:

Be patient, my son, it will eventually crash.

  • A man sees his wife pack his case and asks him:
  • May I know where you plan to go?
  • I leave you.
  • why ?
  • You are a pedophile.
  • But how do you know this word at the age of eight?
  • He is the son who says to his father:
  • Dad, why Grandma short zigzag In the garden ?
  • Shut up my son, I’m trying to shoot straight.
  • What is the common denominator between black and cream?
  • It’s better when flogged.
  • Mom, can I have the sweets in the cupboard?
  • Of course baby, you just have to take them.
  • But I don’t have a weapon.
  • no arm, no candy.
  • Mom, mom, dad hanged himself in the garden.
  • April Fool ! they are hanging in the attic.
  • Can you shower when you have diarrhea?

yes ! If you have enough.

  • What is the difference between a rapper and a gig?

The rapper fucks your mom and sets up your camper tent.

  • paternal son:
  • Dad, what are you referring to when I talk about the old days?
  • When I was neither good nor old.
  • What does the blind say when you give him a green leaf?

The entries are too small.

  • How do you get the child out of the blender?

using a pipette.

  • What removes gum stuck in the hair?

with cancer.

  • Do you know the devil’s joke?

She is from hell.

  • How is Captain Hook mo*t?

Rub his buttocks.

  • What should be done when an electrician dies?

It is necessary to put his family conscious.

  • What is a rat with its tail cut off?

Corsi rat (abbreviation).

  • Upright mummy says: I have hardness.
  • Two men discuss one evening in a bar:
  • First: I read in the newspaper that a man killed his wife during that wedding night.
  • The other: because the night brings advice.

Top 25 Best Corrupt Jokes About Husbands

Couple laughing while cooking. credit : PhysX

Laughing together is an opportunity to share moments of closeness, release all sources of stress, and add excitement to your evenings. Here are the best rotten jokes about her couples This will make you burst out laughing:

Young couple walking in a park.

  • Girl: Baby…this sight leaves me speechless!
  • Man: That’s perfect! We camp here.

One evening, the couple talks.

  • Woman: Honey, I decided to give youtrip to kenyafor your fiftieth birthday.
  • Husband: Thank you dear! And on my 60th birthday, did you ever think about that?
  • Woman: Of course! I will come back to pick you up.

The wife whispering to her husband:

  • wife : I am pregnant.
  • Husband: I am sterile.

It’s a young couple talking by texting:

  • Woman: How much do you love me?
  • Man: Like how many stars are in the sky now.
  • Woman: But it’s not evening.
  • Man: Exactly!

Don’t say “electronics” but “the electrician makes love.”

“Love is like rugby, it begins with a touch and ends with a treat.”

“Love is like gastro, you can catch it on the street and dissolve it in bed.”

In love as inmathematicsNo one ever notices. 1 + 1 = 3.

Love is like cards. When you don’t have a partner, it’s better to have a good hand.

Love makes madness. Rambo war.

Why does the man always sit?open legs ?

  • So as not to crush his brain.

A man says to his friend: “3 years ago I was like thiswent on vacationIn the US my wife got pregnant. Two years ago I moved to Greece and we have 2Andchild. This year I decided to take her with me. »

A man accused by his friends of manliness. In his defense he says: macho? Every morning I bring coffee to my wife. She just has to grind it.

Couple discussing:

  • do you like itsmart woman ?
  • No i love you.

One morning, a little girl asked her grandmother:

  • Grandma, what’s the difference between teasing and teasing?

20 years ago, your grandfather raised me. Now it is bothering me.

What are the four life stages?

You believe in Santa Claus.

She no longer believes in Santa Claus;

become Santa Claus.

Look like Santa Claus.

A woman says: I have a joke about shopping, but I don’tsupermarket.

  • What does a crocodile do when it encounters a female?

It is Lacoste.

  • What do mathematics and mathematics have in common?

The more strangers, the hotter it gets.

  • What do strawberries do on a horse?

Take a gander…

  • What is the pedestal cap called?

Clay cover.

  • The wife asks her husband:
  • What is the gift that goes away?
  • a surprise party.
  • What doctor makes us all crack?


  • Why does Winnie the Pooh want to get married so badly?

To go on a honeymoon.

  • Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated in the North?

Because it is celebrated with the family.

25 best rotten jokes to tell your friends

Friends having a drink together. Credit: Pavel Pogarsky

There is nothing better than humor to make your friends happy. If you’ve run out of ideas, here are some of them jokes Rotten you can breed:

  • Serve a sweet apple of onions instead of an apple.
  • Hang your best friend’s underwear from the ceiling, just above his bed.
  • Apply a good coat of paint to his soap.
  • Add a good amount of salt to the cup of water.
  • Replace her deodorant with cheese.
  • Put your friend’s bed in it Multiple layers from plastic film.
  • Encourage him to find a continuation of a proverb that does not already exist.
  • Read his very funny quote.
  • Pin a horn under your friend’s seat at night.
  • Replace ice cubes with mint peels.
  • paste horrifying photos above his bed.
  • Print out his photo and put it on a magazine page.
  • Take videos of your friends getting drunk and stream them on the day of the picnic.
  • Whisper an annoying phrase to your friend before you run away.
  • Put his cereal in the fridge to make him cook in the morning.
  • put flour in Hair Dryer.
  • During your day at the park, imagine you are on the phone to report that your friend’s house has been broken into. He won’t find this joke funny at first, but you will laugh a lot afterwards.
  • Pretend you didn’t buy a Christmas present.
  • Hide under the bed to scare your friends.
  • sew it mid sockjust at the tip of the toes.
  • Place cling film over an open door.
  • Put the fake stool in step.
  • Pretend to sleep at night before everyone else goes to sleep.
  • Giving a very lousy gift on a friend’s birthday just to play a spoiled joke on him.
  • Send videos Or very scary pictures via text messages.

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