These looks will make you look 10 years younger

What is a medium length or tapered haircut for a 50 year old woman? You definitely asked yourself this question at least once while you were getting through your fifties. So you wonder what improvements to make to your image to have a decent, respectable and youthful enough style. Your hairstyle is the basic concept of your image, so you need to carefully consider your options to choose the styles that will give you the best lighting. Many women call 50 second guys, and they have good reason for that. This is the moment when they can finally enjoy life to the fullest. When you’re over 50, it doesn’t mean you have to pick certain styles and stop doing something you used to love. A woman remains a woman, no matter her age, so your favorite layering story is always there, because it’s forever. In addition, you should stick to simple patterns that rejuvenate you.

Prioritize clean hairstyles and smooth lines that protect the locks of your face

In general, shoulder-length hair is considered to be the one that reaches the shoulders. With deteriorating tapered hair, with bangs, women often look younger. So, if you are used to wearing bangs, there is no need to give up on this idea. Various hairstyles become fashionable and disappear over time. But some hairstyles for women are classic in style and still suitable for older ladies.

It is important to have a modern and elegant haircut, but not the old and past hairstyle

Carrie is a decadent 50-year-old woman with a pointy bob

But first of all, it is worth knowing who these cuts are and who you should not contact. A haircut for medium hair, which can make the hair more voluminous, should be chosen very carefully. It is advisable to consult an experienced hairdresser or stylist before shaving, who will help you choose the optimal solution for you.

Modern stylists with medium-length hair have a good choice of different hairstyles that create a beautiful volume of hair or lighten the hair. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular solutions, which are more popular than others and in most cases are chosen by young women.

applied hair

For many years, layered hair has been one of the most popular and sought-after hairstyles. It’s a consistent trend that looks harmoniously on hair of different lengths. In this case, to achieve the maximum effect, the strands should be either perfectly even or slightly wavy.

On wavy hair, these options often look less noticeable and elegant

What is the cut of a 50-year-old woman's wavy hair?

> The front layers are cut, taking into account the structure of the woman’s face, but the hairstyle itself usually starts from the top of the head. Only experienced masters, who are not the first to encounter such work, can competently observe such a technique on hair of medium length. The threads framing a woman’s face can hide many flaws (if any) and effectively correct the appearance of a fashionista.

pointy hair

The fashion of the ’90s and the beginning of the twenty-first century is returning with new force in our hairstyle trends. Delicate haircuts are another trend we’ll be wearing this season. You will not be disappointed if you ask your stylist to style your hair around your face, as this effect will gently emphasize your features and give a softer appearance. It is especially suitable for curly, wavy and brittle hair, but it also helps to evenly distribute the volume in the hairstyle.

Hairdressers already use it of all lengths and textures

How to style her decadent medium long hair


The main advantage of the ladder is the simplicity and speed of installation. With this beautiful and cute hairstyle, medium length hair can look more voluminous and “lively”. You can create a variety of interesting images, resorting to new and more original solutions every day.
According to the technique of performing the ladder to create splendor on medium hair it can look like a stunning waterfall. Here, the focus is on the layers of the hairstyle. All transitions are made as smooth and smooth as possible.

Thanks to these techniques, the strands visually become more lush and dense
Beautiful medium length haircut 50 year old woman with bangs

Layered hairstyle

This haircut method gives volume to the hair and makes it visually thicker than it actually is. A cool and interesting hairstyle that will add freshness to your look. To make styling such hair more complex and original, usually use a special cosmetic wax. Of course, it all depends on the composition of the product used.

Each treated strand should not stick to each other

The current hairstyle of a 50-year-old woman with tapered hair


Another very popular and beautiful hairstyle for women, it is able to make medium length hair look more voluminous and lush. This hairstyle has been considered fashionable for several years. This solution is the best option for modern women who want to change their image, but are not ready to cut the excess length of the strands.
The waterfall ensures the departure of the falling curls that have not been crushed. Due to the difference in length, the hair strand all over the head looks more dense and lush.

It is enough simple combing and the use of high-quality cosmetics

What is a haircut of medium length to rejuvenate a woman with wavy hair



The main function of the margin is to highlight:

  • It mainly focuses on the eyes which is why it is such an interesting and popular element of this hairstyle.
  • By using bangs, you can accentuate your cheekbones and, if not chosen correctly, accentuate the features of your face that they shouldn’t be.
  • Margin is also used to mask, frame, lengthen, trim, and correct all types. The downside is that they need regular maintenance to look good.

It all depends on the shape and length of the chosen bangs. Some women already have a few wrinkles and it’s good to have bangs, but others have oily skin and bangs increase sebum secretion on the forehead.

It is recommended to plant in the fall, winter or spring, but not in the summer

Carrie is a decadent 50-year-old woman

medium bangs

It is suitable for women over the age of 50. It is a good choice for those who do not want to deal with the entire ocean. Ask your stylist to cut the bangs in the nose/cheek area. It will create a smooth face frame that does not require high maintenance and styling.
Bangs are ideal when they are slightly shaped to the side of the face to give softness. To do this, use a hairdryer and a round brush or a curling iron.

Look 10 years younger with your bangs cut

cut temdence 22 women half bangs

Wounds according to the face

oval face

Lucky owners of an oval face are the happiest of all – these ladies go with almost any hairstyle of medium length, giving volume to the hair.
For women who have a round face by nature, with the help of a well-chosen medium hairstyle, you can effectively distract attention from a wide forehead and full cheeks. That is why stylists advise not to comb your hair with your forehead, open your ears or wear thick curls.

The face may look visually elongated and even slightly aristocratic

50-year-old dilapidated square-shaped woman with brown eyes

big chin

Women with a large chin and a broad forehead often have square, jagged faces. For such women, it can be very difficult to choose the best hairstyle option, which is why it is worth avoiding straight parting and the same straight bangs. It is advisable to hide the forehead a little behind the oblique bangs and customize it more. Visually, it will now be possible to make a face with an asymmetrical hairstyle.

The haircut should smooth the corners of the cheekbones and chin

50-year-old square woman with a big chin


If the foreheads of a woman are high in nature and her chin is pointed, then most likely the face will have a triangular structure. In this case, the visual emphasis of the hairstyle should not be on the cheekbones, but on the jaw line. You can head to the brow line thickly and even in a stroke. But it must be borne in mind that threads collected above the front line or folded back will be inappropriate here.

pear shaped figure

Soft sex, with a pear-shaped face, a low and narrow forehead and a wide chin, it is advisable to choose hairstyles that provide maximum splendor in the crown area.

Tails not recommended

What cut has 50 women with a big chin

black and shaggy hair

Without a doubt, Cher is one of the celebrities who has managed to maintain her youthful appearance. During her 50-year career, the singer has frequently changed the color and shape of her hair. But she has always managed to give herself a little something thanks to her hairstyle. The proof is her shaggy hair in raven black. Her voluminous hair, cut in degrees and bangs on one side, is pulling off 10 to 15 years old (Cher is currently 76).

What is a tapering or deteriorating haircut

How to style your medium hair a classic square cut

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