Short hair: 15 problems for girls with short hair

Re-growth: the main problem of short hair

1/ When we want our hair to be longer…Now!

worry with short hairis that once they are circumcised, the next day, we want them to be tall.

Especially when you suddenly want to do a ponytail.

2/ When we leave the house Barber With a pixie cut when we ordered a short pixie.

As a result, we were taken to a 13-year-old boy …

3 / When you cut your hair, people tend to think that you are a tomboy or a lesbian.

As if the haircut determines sexual orientation…

4 / When you have a short haircut, your neck must be covered not with a scarf but 2 because the neck is directly exposed to the cold!

Before, when your hair was long, you could simply wrap it around your neck…but that was before.

Hair styling when you have short hair

5 / Hairstyle options are limited.

What did we leave? left side margin. Or right side bangs.

6 / You have to use styling products every day.

It is impossible to get out of bed without combing your hair.

7 / There is a problem of regrowth.

There is always a moment of hesitation between the period when we have a pixie cut and the moment we reach the celebrity cut pot.

8 / Some believe that if you dare to cut short hair, it is because you are depressed.

When in reality, it’s only because it’s summer.

9 / The moment of loneliness when it’s wet outside and becomes a human cotton ball…

10 / If our hairdresser is our best friend, it’s because we’ll see him now almost as much as we take a shower just to give him 80 euros andkeep this cut… satisfactorily my turn!

11/ People who tell us they liked our hair better when it was long…

Like we care what other people think. no but !

12/ People who ask us if we’re going Let our hair grow Now that it’s short.

It makes you want to ask these same people if they have plans to change their eye color or even their personality.

13 / When we put on a hat and our hair disappears from under it like we don’t have anything at all!

As a result, people think you’re as crazy as Britney Spears for shaving your head.

14 / First shower after your cut short hair fatal. It feels like a part of us has been stolen.

But remember, it was voluntary work. Nobody forced us to cut our hair. Except when we turn our hands on the neck and realize that there is nothing left, fear controls us.

15th/ When our short haircut fails, people know it. People see it. It is impossible to hide it except perhaps under a hat.

However, the good side of things is that unlike our friends who have long hairWe have, our showers take us 5 minutes.

This is so cool!


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