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There was telemarketing and its star sponsors. There is now a direct shop and their hosts – the hosts translate them. Meet these wanderers of the new age. They’re not liars by the way…

By day, she works in the field of communications. At night, she writes about wellness and health. But once a week, the young New Yorker based in Queens finds a way to slip on a date with a community that adores her. Lovers of glossy beauty products find Zameena online shopping very refreshing. “If he’s cute, he’s right for me!” My style is all colorful and girly Zaminah smiles.

Supergreat host…

Before, the young Latina posted videos on Instagram. But in Supergreat, you feel more comfortable. “I didn’t know there was a community where beauty lovers talk and interact with each other. A space where I can do what I’ve already been doing, except that people really care! She laughs.”
Zameena is one of the hosts of Supergreat, an app that wants to talk about beauty products to everyone, without filters, without distinctions of age, gender or skin type. Launched in 2018 as a platform for vertical and short videos like TikTok, Supergreat has been doing direct shopping since the summer of 2020. The platform took the opportunity to recruit “ Super hostesses ‘, to be translated by ‘Outstanding Hosts’, animators like Zameena. And like many others.

$300 for an hour show

Abby was spotted by Supergreat via Talent seekers. Beauty expert Based in Los Angeles, the young woman is already working in fashion magazines and at showbiz festivities. Since 2019, she has been her own model. She shares on all networks her outrageous make-up that takes the colorful symbols of fantasy and irony. She has been suffering from hair loss since she was 15 years old, and she has lost all of her hair. “Using my bald head as a whiteboard, I create a lively and crazy look. It’s a great way to start talking about my disease,” she says. In 2020, Supergreat offered him to join him a team from Super hostessesand launched Freaky Friday, a weekly show to “get out of your comfort zone”.

Like Zameena and Abby, Jessica is a beauty enthusiast. She says she’s shy, and out of sheer nervousness she accepted the proposal from Elisa, who is in charge of the Supergreat hosts’ community. Since 2020, she has hosted a weekly show. An hour earns him about $300 and some discounts offered by the platform in the form of points that can be used to purchase products. The work can be done at home, which is perfect for the young mother who lives at home. “For me, it’s a best-case scenario,” she cheers.

Zameena also portrayed herself. “I became kind of a micro influencer. I really enjoy it, I am still developing as a content creator and it would be great to be able to do this full time.”

“It’s like having a FaceTime with a friend.”

The three hosts have their own style, but they all play the card of originality and naturalness. First, because the platform imposes on them some transparency rules: no filters, no editing tricks. For Jessica, “It’s like having a FaceTime with a friend.” And watching his videos, it’s actually like making a call to a girlfriend with whom we’re going to try experiments after college hours. It’s retro, cute, reassuring. Because we can’t reach replayThe date was finished cool but hot, like a phone call. “To attend your show, people have to set an alarm, and if they miss an appointment, there’s no follow-up session,” Abe asserts. Everything is done to promote the most direct relationship possible between super host and spectators. Jessica says, “I’m a bit anxious, but with these spiritsI just feel excited. Moreover, if something goes wrong, it doesn’t matter. The audience is positive, the employees too, it’s very ethical. Jessica doesn’t just showcase beauty products. She talks about well-being and treatments, for example. With her soft voice, Zmina allows herself these themes. “Anyone can ask me questions in the chat,” she says. And while I put on my makeup, I can talk about healthy recipes, or ask viewers what they do on weekends to relax… ”, At the same time, Abby tries to adapt her content to the expectations of the audience. So that he can define himself. “I conduct polls for participants to choose The next look I will be creating. Online shopping is truly an experience designed for people to watch less and share more. »

Bandcamp: When the music is in direct shopping

Dominique Fils-Aimé is a composer and sings soulful jazz that is elegant, soft and powerful. In 2019, she agreed to participate in live shopping for Bandcamp, which was just a beta program at the time. She did not regret it. When the epidemic began, it was thanks to Bandcamp that she was able to discover songs from her new album, the release of which was postponed. From the podium, she welcomed her listeners into her recording studio. “We invited them to this place where they normally can’t go in which really means something to me. It was a really intimate atmosphere. The show was pre-recorded, but when it went live, she watched it with her audience.” I was able to make time for the discussion. With them. I asked them what they thought and how they lived this experience, because I build my show in an atypical way: without leaving any time for applause. Some may be frustrated. It is interesting to discuss why we feel uncomfortable when we cannot interact with the usual mechanisms. The feedback was very warm. »

“I don’t feel like I’m selling.”

Despite the diversity of their features and aesthetics, Super hostesses They seem to agree on one point: Live broadcasts boost exchanges, and they’re kind of nice. But then, without wanting to be tacky, how about shopping? Does living really boost shopping? “Actually, I don’t feel like I’m selling,” Zamina exclaims. It’s a community that really loves products. I feel like I’m there to save you time and money: tell them what you’ve tried and whether or not it was worth it. Zamina emphasizes that it always expressly declares this, when the products she offers are received as a gift or via partnership. Same echo with Jessica: “The information is there. They buy if they want, I don’t feel like selling.”

Dominic Phils Amy didn’t see his concert as a business either. “On the contrary, for us, it was a gift, an experience presented to the audience. It was a lot of time and marketing investment. It remains that this live broadcast allowed her to reach a new audience,” she says. “We had purchases from people who had never bought anything before.”

“I feel like a TV host, which was my dream when I was young!”

In Talk Shop Live, the live shopping design is undoubtedly more aggressive. Here, we want it to cause, but above all, it must sell. The American platform featured stars coming in and doing the article. The list of stars who have descended from Olympus to play home shopping is growing. Country Queen Dolly Parton or actors Matthew McConaughey and Catherine Zeta-Jones, for example, come there to sell their little personal products right and in front of the camera.
But along with the big guns in entertainment, entrepreneurs also provide a bit of a business background…and so is Lauren Berkowitz, founder of California-based hair and nail products brand Lauren B. Before creating her brand, the entrepreneur ran a beauty company in which she was already engaged in tele-shopping groups. Now, partnerships with online shopping platforms – including Flip and Talk Shop Live – are multiplying. “There was a real turning point during the pandemic,” says Lauren. “With salons and malls closed, clients desperately needed advice. They were told how to keep their hands hydrated despite frequent washing, and how to do their nails. But the main thing for me was getting them to They smile. And so is Sonya Hou. A jewelry designer, has made a name for herself by presenting her creations to Olympic athletes. Now convinced of direct shopping, she prepares each of her shows like an audiovisual professional. She establishes a script, bringing all the important points to discuss,” while maintaining a smooth and natural conversation , as if you were talking to a friend, she explains. I feel like a TV host, and it was my dream when I was young! ».

For the two entrepreneurs, giving a bit of emotion to non-physical business relationships made them understand how important this dimension is. “When people know who the designer is, they feel more emotionally attached to the jewelry,” Sonia Ho believes. “Customers want to know my story and the story of my products,” Lauren agrees. I have a lot of passion. I think it passed. And passion not only succeeds, it can seduce anyone. “Direct shopping allows us to reach younger audiences, which are usually far from us. It is new to them, and I like to be on the cutting edge of everything that is innovative,” explains Sonya Ho.

“I think direct shopping is the future. »

For Lauren Berkowitz, the challenge is to take her place in a market that is still accessible. “I think direct shopping is the future, and I want to be… in early time adopterPractice and know it before anyone else, to support platforms before they grow too big. »

The industry is already becoming more professional. Big brands are obsessing over shape, and hostsFormations are more solid. Nicholas Catard is a video expert who puts his experience, reputation and community at the service of brands – Auchan, Cdiscount, Boulanger, Microsoft, Carrefour or La Poste. In the 2000s, he founded MSN Video and then joined Endemol Productions before producing himself. On his YouTube channel TheGrandTest, he tests products for its 277,000 subscribers. at spiritsHe wants to be “the one who asks the questions people ask, while still being respectful of the brand and products.” Because he also knows how to manage brand sensitivity – when a product has certain flaws, he prefers to talk about “areas for improvement”. But Nicholas wants to be “always very transparent and honest. If we lie, it shows.”

Even for an experienced man like Nikola, exercise is not easy. “You have to do the exercises, know the product, and in a very short time, bring things live even when they weren’t planned, answer questions, and interact with the audience. It’s very tiring. Live shopping takes place in a shorter time than other video productions. If you do that Only, I may be rich, but I will be more tired!”

This survey was published in the 30th Journal of LADN. Our “Trend” profile is entirely dedicated to direct shopping. You can give yourself a gift, and give yourself a copy of this gem by clicking here.

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