Marc Tuchard, president of Patton Neversoa: ‘The cheerleader is poorly represented’

Like every Saturday, at the Guynemer gymnasium, Bâton neversois members receive training. We spotted the club president of the French Sports Federation Stick Twirling (FFSTB), Marc Tuchard, thanks to his flowing blue jersey. The 50-year-old with salt-and-pepper hair gives the little girl advice on her posture.

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A priori, there was nothing predetermined that Neversoa joined such a club. When he was younger, Marc Tuchard was racing motorcycles. “I had a sponsorship from Maison du Banlay. I rode my motorbike on my own, and other guys got involved when they saw it. I was a twelve-time Burgundy champion in G1. And then I had a serious accident, I almost lost my foot. I made the decision to stop,” she says. He remembers.

“It’s an underrated sport. It’s not just girls and shows”

Mark Tuchard,
President of Neversoa Patton

His interest in Versailles Patton began quite simply with his only daughter, Leah. “It’s a family story,” he sums up with a chuckle. “One day, when she was six, she said to me ‘I’d like to make sticks, I’ve seen it on TV.’ When Marc Tuchard saw his daughter take her first steps on stage, he remembers being ‘touched by her grace and investment.'” 20 years old is now a captain.

“I was involved initially as a secretary. There is also my wife, Stephanie, who is still the treasurer,” he explains. A president since 2016, defending the discipline of body and soul: “It is an unknown sport. The cheerleader is misrepresented. Not all girls and platforms are as they appear in the picture. There is a pom-pom dance, theme dances, dances with accessories, etc..”

For the main activity, practitioners work on a theme with appropriate dance, clothing and decor. As for rotations, “competitions are held to the same music, and they develop a solo set of artistic movements during a given time,” he distinguishes.

Transparency with parents

When Marc Tochart took over, the club was adrift. “Within two years, we had the finances back. We went from five to thirty-two practitioners today. We are the cheapest club in Nevers. […] Bringing finances doesn’t matter to me, and above all I want the girls to feel good and keep them.”
This is undoubtedly his driving force: “I love being among the kids. My wife is a nanny. Seeing them happy in the club is my reward.”

President Mohsen and transparent. “My wife helps me a lot. We would like to have a meeting with all the parents to show them the clarity of the narratives and discuss with them.” In preventing moral or sexual harassment, “the neutral member always attends training,” he asserts, reassuring: “This kind of incident never happened.” .

This professional industrial painter does not count the hours of the union’s work: “President, secretary, physical and mental trainer. I also take care of the competition department,” he recounts. “I was a union delegate for more than twelve years in my box. I had to make a choice.”

But when asked about his future, Marc Tuchard said he’s going through “a dip in motivation” despite “members with a heart of gold”.
“Being a president of an association requires morale of steel, you have to oversee and think about everything, which reduces motivation,” he explains. Marc Tuchard asserts that he does not “yet” know if he will run for a third term as president in July. However, one thing is certain: “I don’t want the club to disappear.”

organisation. Established on December 3, 2008, Bâton neversois is an association under the 1901 Act, the Masters and the Spin. Volunteer members. The club has six full members and five volunteers. They are 32 practitioners, of 5 years. Training takes place every Saturday, from 2 pm to 6:30 pm, at the Guynemer gymnasium, Georges-Guynemer Street in Nevers.

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