Jen Psaki, facing a turbulent Biden presidency, is relinquishing her position as spokesperson

Promises of appeasement and then disappointment with Joe Biden personified without false notice, but without succeeding in regaining the US president’s popularity: Jen Psaki gave up her place as her spokeswoman on Friday.

At the age of forty-three, she will come for the last time into the office of the famous press room of the White House, adjusting to the formidable training of the daily press conference.

Jen Psaki has long said she’s leaving after a little more than a year as a spokeswoman for the US CEO, saying she wants to spend more time with her two young children.

From Monday, his assistant Karen-Jean-Pierre will face journalists’ raised hands. The first openly black and lesbian woman to be awarded the title of “Secretary of the Press,” she will have to defend the unpopular Joe Biden, who had to bury his great hopes for reform and political reconciliation.

Jin Psaki emphasized that they share the same ambition: “to create a drama-free work environment.”

– Calm after scandals –

Indeed, it has restored calm after the scandals of Donald Trump’s tenure.

This well-rounded former swimmer avoided the pitfalls, smoothly revealed elements of language on all kinds of topics, and kicked with a smile on sensitive topics.

Where Donald Trump’s spokesmen insulted journalists, even deserting the press room, Jin Psaki congratulated reporters on a birthday, wedding, promotion.

It’s all under the watchful eye of a ruthless audience: In an interview, the outgoing spokeswoman said she received clips sent in by viewers who were upset to see her regularly bring back her red hair.

Graduated in Sociology and English, she entered politics with the Democratic Party after her studies and worked in communications positions during the Obama administration.

She was a foreign ministry spokeswoman for two years, which led to her being targeted by the Russian press close to the Kremlin.

Perhaps Jeanne Psaki, whose inflammatory statements against Vladimir Putin have multiplied since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, have not forgotten that the Russian president called her in these sexual terms in June 2021: “a beautiful, cultured young woman” “always mixes everything.”

At the White House, her hottest interview pitted her against Fox News reporter Peter Dossey.

It has become a kind of routine, bringing joy to two camps on social networks: one applauds “Psakibombs”, the arrows fired by the speaker; The other enjoys the journalist’s attacks from the conservative channel.

He assured that he would regret the departure of Jin Psaki, welcoming the always “legal” interviewer.

– America divided –

But behind these almost unanimous praise penetrates a certain boredom of journalists who faced completely closed communications in the White House.

In a recent article on Politico, it was summed up by a reporter who requested anonymity: “Jane is very good at her job, unfortunately. Against Sean Spicer,” Donald Trump’s former spokesman. “When you go after Jane, you come across as a bitch.”

The silent atmosphere in the “James Brady Press Briefing Room” often seems a thousand miles away from an American political scientist who is by no means calm.

Hence the sometimes striking contrast between the optimistic message of Jin Psaki in Washington, and the insults leveled by Donald Trump supporters as Joe Biden’s motorcade passed along the roads of rural or working-class America.

The change of speaker also coincides with a new tone from the White House, which is now directly attacking Republicans, adherents of the former president’s ideas, after they have long advocated cooperation that transcends party affiliations.

Jen Psaki has left the mystery hanging over her future so far, but according to the press, she will be joining the progressively oriented MSNBC.

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