How do you cut your hair on your own without the disaster of curls?

Short hair requires careful and regular maintenance on the growth side. However, we can’t always go to our hairdresser or stylist. There are times when you just can’t wait a week and have to grab the scissors. Because yes, it is possible to update your haircut yourself at home. We take stock of the right things to do to learn how to cut your hair on your own without (also) messing around!

Who said you have to go to the living room to cut a man’s mane? To put an end to commuting back and forth to the hairdresser or to save money, you can easily switch to DIY mode. However, some tips are needed to avoid a potential hair tragedy. plays file coaches Shows you how to cut your hair without smudging!

Preparation steps before diving

How to cut women's hair only

Nothing prevents you from resuscitating your wound on your own. However, it is better to choose the right tools to prevent hair disaster. So, before you take the plunge, get the following things:

  • scissors
  • Several small rubber bands
  • Flat clips (for wavy hair)
  • a brush

And no, you don’t need a water sprayer. Contrary to popular belief, for best results, you should cut dry hair by carefully detangling it. Follow our advice and you won’t go wrong!

How to cut your hair only the ends of curly straight hair

It always takes a good dose of courage to cut your long hair, especially when you dare to do it yourself. However, this is not the most complicated task. It is enough simply not to let yourself go downhill in a drastic hair change. Hairdressers are advised to go little by little without having too big ambitions. So cutting the ends is an excellent idea to start. In addition, everyone knows that to get a beautiful mane, it is necessary to regularly trim its tips. A hair exercise we can all try at home.

Smooth hair cut

There is nothing easier to cut the ends of her straight hair. Detangle the horse’s mane, make a ponytail, then lower the elastic band to the level you want to cut. Keep your head straight and trim the hair coming out of the elastic band. I was there !

wavy hair cut

Before cutting curly hair, try detangling it with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to keep the curls in. Use flat pliers to separate the leg into sections, then snip the ends using the pinning technique. Tie the already cut loops as you go. there !

How to cut bangs on your own at home

Bangs are getting too long and you want to style them? Who never cut it bongs Too lonely? When you are allergic to the hairdresser or do not have time to go to the salon, you need to know how to act. But before embarking on the plunge, it is necessary to take into account the nature of your hair to adopt the correct technique.

Cut bangs on smooth hair

In order not to miss you, start by cleaning the bangs. Then draw a parting in the middle to separate it. Straighten the bangs and set the comb to the desired height before cutting the hair beyond it. For a more natural look, prick a few small strands with the tip of the scissors. Don’t have any handy barber scissors? No problem ! Pick up a pair of nail clippers! Alternatively, sewing scissors also do the job just fine.

Cut bangs on curly hair

At the risk of repeating ourselves, it is important to clip the curly bangs when dry. For this purpose, one takes a wide-toothed comb and combs it. Another good kind to prepare for cutting: flat irons. We detangle and smooth her hair, then take the scissors and cut vertically, picking out a few locks. Thus, we ensure a more natural fringe that blends perfectly with curly hair.

A quick reminder: Curtain bangs are less restrictive than straight bangs. Thus, regrowing it will not be a chore. Thanks to its deteriorated shape, it allows you to banish appointments at the hairdresser’s salon. Once pushed back, it doesn’t obstruct the view and maintains its bohemian look.

How to cut your hair alone in a long bob

Can we get a new haircut at home? Well here the task becomes more complicated, especially when you don’t have a hairdressing hat in your pocket. Do you have long hair that you want to curl yourself? There are many easy methods that allow you to do this, and they always involve using several small rubber bands.

How to cut short hair for women only

short square

To cut your hair short, bring two elastic bands. In the first, make a low ponytail and stick well to the nape of the neck, then add the second to it, 5 cm below the first. Depending on the length of the square you want to wear, you can adjust the location of the elastic bands. Cut horizontally between two rubber bands. Remove these parts and trim the tips, if necessary.

How to cut your hair on your own with a fluffy piece

sink square

To pull off the drenched bob yourself, divide the hair into three sections: a low ponytail, a mid-top ponytail, and a half ponytail. Start by cutting the first tail by following the same principle as the short bob. In other words, cut horizontally between the two rubber bands. Do the same with the second tail, taking into account the length of the newly cut hair. Put a small rubber band at the desired level and cut it. The same principle was adopted for the half-tail. Finally, leave your hair down and admire your results.

How to cut your hair only in gradient

gradient square

You know, to give a boost to a long square piece, it’s nothing like making a small gradient. To do this, detangle your hair with a comb or brush and draw a parting that goes from one ear to the other. Bring the upper locks to the top of the skull. Secure the back with an elastic band. Then put the head down and tie the top of the forehead. Spread the elastic band and move it to the desired length, then cut it vertically using the clamping technique.

Tutorial for cutting long hair alone (V, U, straight and sloppy cut)

Whether the hair is long or short, curly or sleek, always start detangling it. Next, follow the tutorial above to make a V, U, straight, or layered cut. For the latter, it is important to lean as much as possible to achieve a very clear gradation. Also, do not forget to comb the roots well so that they do not form burrs. Otherwise, irregularities will occur in the cut.

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