How do you adopt a lob? More than 25 ways to wear the latest trendy cropped haircut!

After cutting the mix, let’s face it, a bit of a mullet cut, we could see another promising trend on the horizon. And if you have a keen interest in hair fashion and love to change up your look almost every season, you’ve probably noticed, too. This is a very elegant short haircut that we currently know as a “lob”… Yes, the English-speaking world loves its word of mouth and that’s absolutely true when talking about the field of hairstyles. So what is the acronym behind the term weird and how do you embrace lob style to be trendy? Find the answers in the paragraphs below.

What is a lube?

As mentioned earlier, the word lob is slang. Obtained by the fusion of “long” and “crop”, it defines exactly what it is proposing. The term ambiguous refers to a type of boyish cut, but in its longer version. If you find this explanation somewhat confusing, imagine a long pixel cut or a very short deteriorated square. Either way, this style became the hairdo of the season with a capital letter and it’s not at all hard to see why. Without further preamble, how do you embrace the lob in fall/winter 2021/2022?

How do you adopt the libertarian lobby in 2021/2022?

How to adopt an unstructured lob on the side

The main advantage of the lob is that it is not limited to a very strict form as such. Fortunately, it is a short haircut that gives the wearer a lot of stylistic freedom. This means that you can easily adapt it to your face shape and hair type without straying too far from your initial idea.

How to adopt the style of coloring short hair

With its playful layering, the long crop gives a frivolous and sassy feel that any adult would want to find. Just like the bohemian hairstyle, we feel free to move, but this time, with a radically shortened version. If you’re wondering how to adopt a lob style, the best answer you’ll receive is “complete confidence!” Because it’s a totally liberating experience.

When celebrities validate a cut, we know it’s special!

How to adopt Cara Delevingne's short haircut like a celebrity

When you see celebrities embracing a certain haircut, you know you’re on the right track, right? A longtime member of the long hair club, Florence Pugh recently took an exciting step. So are Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne and other bold girls who aren’t afraid to challenge the widely held stereotype that cropped hair isn’t feminine.

Adopting a long crop like celebrity Cara Delavin cutting short blonde hair

How to adopt lobe according to the experts

How to adopt lob ideas for short hair styling with the latest fashion

As we well know, it may be nice to like a trendy haircut on other people’s heads, but that doesn’t mean it will look equally good on our faces. Our advice, then, is to have an honest conversation with your favorite hairstylist and ask if the lobe you’ve chosen is really a good fit for your hair.

How to adopt pixie lob cut romantic side bangs ideas

Also talk about the daily maintenance and hair products you’ll need to look stylish every day. An experienced stylist can then customize your look and come up with a look that not only suits your face and aesthetics, but also your lifestyle.

Ideas to design your long crop with Pep

Ideas on how to embrace the latest trend of short haircuts

Get the sinking effect with tapered locks and longer front lengths

How to adopt lob style ideas for the latest trend of short haircuts

Leave a margin or choose a bold color to grab attention

How to embrace the short hair coloring trend of the 2021-2022 lob idea

Sleek loafers make a rock-solid look!

How to Adopt the Top Lengths of a Mohawk Style Lob

As always, the waves guarantee a flawless, romantic look

How to adopt the latest fashion for short hair styling

Style the long, wavy bangs on the side to flaunt a more dramatic style

How to adopt the idea of ​​short hair lob style

Wear the lob as a layered bohemian with pointed bridges for a chic look

Too short square neck degradation How to embrace lob trend ideas

Mohawk spirit: shaved sides and a long top for bold, curly girls

How to adopt a short curly haircut for a shaved lob

Choose an exaggerated size and a bold color like pink or purple

Idea how to adopt mega lob idea for candid pink coloring

Arctic blonde hair from modern to avant-garde pompadour

How to Adopt a Lob Under Bleached Platinum Blonde Locks

Two-tone hair goes perfectly with lob lengths

Gray hair color idea short pixie cut shaved long nape

Apparently, any color would work perfectly with this gorgeous short haircut!

How to adopt lob style ideas in the form of trendy colors

Finally, here’s how to adopt a lob even if you have curly or frizzy hair

How to adopt curly hair lob ideas for short haircut style

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