Health | Hair transplantation in Istanbul: the best option

Hair loss is a problem that affects more than 80% of men over the age of 50
It is already possible to see frequent hair loss and many cases of baldness.
Although this problem is especially common in men, women can also
Suffers, although cases are very minor and usually arise from diseases such as
Stress, skin infections or negative effects of hair cosmetics.

However, hair loss currently does not always lead to baldness thanks to its appearance
Hair Transplant. This surgery was well received by the male population, who
He turns towards her more and more to find hair as before. Hence, neither age nor genetics
It is a problem to avoid natural hair loss.

While it is true that this process is available worldwide, it is equally true that the implant
Poetry in Istanbul is the most famous. This is mainly due to the fact that doctors and
Turkish surgeons were the pioneers in developing this practice, so they did
Currently one of the best techniques to perform these transplants with complete results
Illness. Moreover, thanks to the proliferation of doctors and clinics specializing in care
capillaries, the prices for such operations are more affordable in this country than in the rest of the world.

Dr. Okan & Sapphire Hair Clinic
Although there are now many doctors and many clinics authorized to do this
Hair transplant in Istanbul one doctor outperforms the rest. This is Dr. Okan Murkoch.
After graduating in medicine, he has worked since 2010 as a resident plastic surgeon in several
Hospitals in Turkey, although in 2005 it was a member of the most prestigious surgical societies
Plastic. Previously, Sapphire Hair Clinic has been operating successfully since 1995. The doctor works there
He has performed more than 1000 hair operations with satisfactory results.

Currently, many clients of Dr. Okan Morkoç resort to trying it to avoid
Baldness. In addition, at a very affordable price, it is possible to rent an all-inclusive trip in it
The operation and accommodations are included in the total cost of the service. Without this display, numbers can be
Top. However, the operation can be 50% cheaper than in France, where only the intervention is
It can cost 5,000 euros.

What is hair transplantation?
Although everyone has heard about hair transplant operations today, the truth is that everyone
I’m not sure how this process is done or what it really consists of. In short, the
Hair transplantation aims to promote hair growth through a series of hair transplant operations
The patient has himself in his head. Through incisions in the skin of the head, the doctor inserts

Hair follicles, which stick to the skin when they heal and can therefore regrow hair in them
The areas where nothing is left.

This method, which is the most traditional and most widely used, is known as FUE ( . Extraction
pore unit). Over the years, hair treatment has made advances in the FUE method
To make it more effective and less aggressive on the skin of the head. Hair transplantation with sapphire
The newest form of FUE known to date, currently enjoys great prestige and is powerful
Recommended by Dr. Okan Murkoch.

The use of sapphire, a natural element, makes it possible to make an incision on the skin much more
ductility of steel. In this way, the wound is cleaner, the scar is less durable, and it absorbs
Better follicles and much less healing time than if sapphire was not used. at
In addition to that it is not a synthetic element, the use of sapphire reduces the risk of infection in the wound.

Currently, hair treatment has successfully developed a more innovative technology than sapphire and in
It is not even necessary to make an incision in the skin. He is known as
DHI hair transplantation. Using a surgical pen, the follicle is extracted from
root, and then inserted into another area of ​​the head where there is no more hair. This way the whole head is
It is gradually implanted with hair that will grow in the following months. Of course, recovery time
Less than the FUE method and the risk of infection is also lower.

The final result
Although Turkey has the best hair transplant clinics, the doctor’s work is
Okan Murkoch is superior. All of your clients are fully satisfied with the outcome of the process. The
The hair that grows after transplantation is completely normal and so is the image of the hair
Absolutely homogeneous. After a few months of recovery, patients can look proud
their hair again.

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