Hair Pics: Here’s The Summer’s Coolest Braids, And The Stars Already Adopted It

Are you looking for your next summer hairstyle? That’s okay, stars are only betting on braids this season. A simple braid, double or triple, is our summer hairstyle. Guide to these 3 ways to wear them in 2022.

Do you want to be stylish without putting in much effort? Cue adoption. become creative, This hairstyle is reinventing itself year after year To give a sophisticated and modern touch to your look. Always easy to do Suitable for all hair types. And the stars seem to have understood quite well. After the flat braids Beyoncé, Alicia Keys or Elodie Joswin wore, then the 2000s mini braids we saw on the heads of all-stars in 2021, here are the braids that will be all the rage in 2022.

Caroline Riquefort’s Mini Braids: The most adorable summer braids on Instagram

Are you looking for a super simple hairstyle for summer? I found it stars! File previewed baby braids On track to stay in 2022. Those two little braids that make up the face are now being embraced by all the girls. With the difference, this year, they are endlessly available and can even It can be worn in triplicate for a stunning asymmetrical side. Bella Hadid picks the 90’s version while Hailey Bieber prefers a hippie chic mood Choose the asymmetric version. same French Caroline Riquefort swears by this hairstyle. At the same time, this is achieved in a chrono not up to a minute!

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Flora Coquerel’s XXL: The Summer’s Most Sophisticated Braid

If you’re a fan of Miss France, you must have seen Flora Cockrell’s birthday photos this weekend. The former Miss was stunningly beautiful to blow out her 28 candles. For this occasion, she chose The XXL braid is very glamorous. This hairdo was also seen during the recent Paris Fashion Week and is also one of the strong trends of summer. but beware, It takes longer than other braids…but the result is really cool. Save it for a special occasion!

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Hailey Bieber’s double braid: the sportiest braid of summer

Like children’s braids, we present Double strand. With the difference this time that there is no longer any question of wearing them in the front of the face, they are worn high and back on either side of the skull. Seen on Hailey Bieber a few weeks ago, High-waisted braids seem to be replacing Beyoncé’s stick-on braids in 2022 Which was all the rage in 2018.

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