Excluded – Florent Pagny: Hair loss, eyelashes… “I suppose my head, it’s my most elegant look!”

While battling lung cancer, Florent left Bagni to recharge his batteries for a few days with his wife and children in Mont Saint-Michel. During this break, take a family at Nikos Aliagas, in the new issue of expensive, on newsstands on Thursday, May 12. The opportunity for him to discuss his new appearance with humor.

The disease can now be read on his face. Suffering from lung cancer For several months now, Florent Bagni performed the treatment to heal himself. During his last stay in Mont-Saint-Michel, where he went to relax with his wife Azucena and their two children, the singer agreed to give newson the occasion of an interview conducted by Nikos Aliagas, to discover the new issue of expensive, on newsstands on Thursday, May 12. During this interview, the coach the soundwho is about to undergo her final chemotherapy, spoke about her new look: “I suppose my head Although I may wear glasses because my eyelashes are falling out which makes me look really sick, the rest I manage‘, he confirmed.

With cancer, Florent Bagni not only lost his eyelashes: “I no longer have hair, no beard, no eyebrows! what do you want, I’ve always worked on all shapes, and here I am going to the extremes! It’s the cleanest!‘, commented with humor. On May 7, when he debuted with a shaven head in a group the soundprefers a friend of Marc Lavoine Play fair by talking about his new look : “These chemo drugs, it’s a little hair loss, but that’s okay, it doesn’t stop us from keeping fit and continuing to have a good face.” He said face Nikos Aliagas.

The news about his health is reassuring

Despite the disease Florent Bagni has not lost any of his optimism. in columns expensivegave the artist Some details about the treatment he was undergoing : “The last news I have inside, if I can put it that way, is The tumor has shrunkthe size of a good kiwi, I went to a nut after two chemo‘The father of deer and the Incas rejoiced. Despite the uncertainty associated with the disease, he did not. I didn’t want to leave her : “I tried not to ask myself too many questions because the answers could destroy you. You also cannot allow yourself to slip into grief or anguish that you cannot control.‘, estimated in pages expensive. “Now I’m out of the tunnel. I have some answers that allow me to better assess the situation And it revives some of the things inside me that I lost a little bit when I reached my age (…) This cancer woke me up, and it redefined the meaning of my priorities.Confirmed before specifying:Once I have my protocol done, I will move on very quickly!

Our interview with Florent Pagny by Nikos Aliagas can be read in full in the new issue of GALA, on newsstands Thursday, May 12 or available by clicking here. You can also have GALA in your home every Thursday By taking advantage of the no-obligation subscription offer !

Image credits: Ael Pagny for Gala / Bureau 233

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