Biology Mode: “Our mission is to take care of hair in a natural way”

Created by a young pharmacy student, Biologist Mood promises to respond to the most common hair problems in a 100% natural and effective way.

What is a temperament biologist?

It’s a line of hair products designed with healthy products for our health but also for our planet. When I created Biologist Mood two years ago, I made it my mission to treat hair naturally. In fact, all of our formulas are 100% natural and made with organic, plant-based ingredients, without endocrine disruptors.

Today, we offer 3 products, all of which have been developed with pharmacologists and are intended for all hair types. Accelerator oil, made up of 7 vegetable oils, promotes growth and stops hair loss. Curae Oil intensely nourishes and repairs hair. Finally, Gelée hydra + is the essential hydrating gel for all your hair routine.

We also offer accessories such as a bamboo brush as well as boxes that allow you to discover our products.

Why did you create your own brand?

A few years ago, I burned my hair after applying color and had a very hard time growing it back and finding perfectly healthy hair. It took a long time and the “classic” products I found in drugstores were completely ineffective. During the course, the professor discussed the benefits of natural oils in cosmetics, especially hair. I was a guinea pig by trying castor oil for the first time. It was amazing, my hair started to grow back and grow again, and today I have long and healthy hair.

What are your tips for adopting a healthy and effective hair routine?

First of all you have to vacuum between shampoos as much as possible and then you have to find a natural shampoo that suits your hair type. We eat healthily, we can take supplements to nourish our bodies from inside, and finally we treat Accelerator Oil or Curae Oil for 3 to 6 months according to our needs. Then, we take a break so that the natural course of things can grow and our hair grows in complete calm.

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