A year in prison for the man who kidnapped his wife because of a washing machine in the Dordogne

The man who kidnapped his wife at St-Aulaye in Dordogne was sentenced to One year in prison and two years with a suspended sentence. On Wednesday, May 11, he was tried on the spot in the Pérego court. The 44-year-old former soldier was arrested Monday morning after a night of tension. He imprisoned his wife and threatened to blow up their house over a dispute over a washing machine.

Electric saw, knife and Molotov cocktails

At the hearing, the man admitted the facts: “I know I had no excuse but I wanted to scare him,” Confess with the words. He explained that he had “upset” From the statements of this companion because of the story of putting the wrong clothes in the washing machine. ‘She always blames me, it’s not good enough’ He awkwardly defends himself, making a hand gesture at the victim, seated in the room. This Sunday, May 8, he locked his wife in his room, blocking the door with a wardrobe. He pulled out a chainsaw, knife, and Molotov cocktails before threatening to blow up their house. He also assaulted her and pulled her hair before threatening to kill her.

“Do you realize that from a simple story about the washing machine, we’ve come to be called GIGN?” , asks the chief of the court. Soldiers of the elite unit at Versailles were called for reinforcements by the Gendarmerie Nautron at night from Sunday to Monday. In about fifteen minutes, they were able to arrest this man who until then had only one entry on his criminal record. “Why stay if you are being blamed too much?” continue the chief. “Because I love him, I know it sounds paradoxical, but I love him”, The defendant admits, his head down. Confirms that alcohol has ‘brain heart’ That evening.

Do you realize that from a simple story about the washing machine, we get to GIGN?

was the victim He previously filed a complaint in 2020 against his partner Because of the violence that forced her to stop working for 10 days. The complaint was submitted without follow-up. In her pleading, the deputy prosecutor emphasized the “dangerousness” of the defendant. This man imposed a night of terror on his companion. she insisted. She requested three years in prison, two of which were suspended. The court followed his requests. The former soldier was also sentenced to a duty of care. He is prohibited from contacting the victim and going to the town of Saint-Aulaye, and is also prohibited from possessing a weapon for five years. The man was detained immediately after the session ended.

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