A chilling documentary about a true American story

Thursday 12 May 2022

After being successful last February with prankster tinderNetflix returns with a grim new documentary, which follows the story of an American gynecologist who impregnated 100 women with his own sperm. Our father to all He has an idea worthy of teasing David Fincher however, this story is very true. start with Jacob Ballard who did a DNA test in 2014. She found out that she has 7 brothers and sisters that she doesn’t know and that they all have a common point: Dr. Kleinan infertility specialist whose mothers went to see in the ’80s, and this reputable doctor was supposed to be able to fulfill many women’s dream: to have a baby.

So the nightmare began in 1979. This famous doctor Klein decided to inject his own sperm into some of his patients, against their will because they weren’t aware of it. Some thought it was from their husbands, others were donors, but they never agreed to be from their doctor. The moral level is still at the lowest level, especially at the level of sexual abuse. One mother even says that she “He was raped 15 times without knowing itIf we do not have a confirmed number of the number of victims of Dr. Klein, when the doctor was shot, 94 children were found, that is, almost a hundred women were vaccinated by him.

Children who seek the truth

So his sons decided not to leave it. Today most of them are in their forties, and some have gathered to confront Dr. Klein. They even arranged an appointment with him, who did not deny that he was their father, but claimed that he did it “only” dozens of times, knowing that by law it is stipulated that a donor can only donate sperm a maximum of 3 times. . Moreover, it is specified in the documentary, that they almost all live in a radius of 40 kilometers. They tell themselves that every face they meet could be the face of one of their brothers or sisters and that scares them a lot. So someone says,Every time we get a new notification, we tell ourselves that it’s not someone we know or have gone out with. Unfortunately it will happen somedayThey also specify that they have been forced to tell their children this and explain that they have to be careful with who they go out with because yes, they could potentially share their DNA with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Most children say with displeasure that this story caused them a major identity crisis. Especially since they also wondered why and found out that this Doctor Klein was part of a sect that encouraged its members to have as many white children as possible, like the Aryan clan, because all of Dr. Klein’s children were obviously white, but with blond hair and blue eyes. Therefore, the confession is part of one of the premisses mentioned, complicated for him, to admit that he is a big crack racist, but the reason seems to be exactly the same credibility.

Unfortunately, Dr. Klein did not spend time in prison for his actions.. In 2014, when his victims learned of the story, the prosecutor at the time told them it was unfortunately not an assault. It took until 2018 for him to lose his right to practice and he was just given a one-year suspended prison sentence. In this ordeal, thanks to this story, a law was passed in Indiana to condemn this type of business. On paper, of course, this is not enough, but you should know that Dr. Klein is not the first to do this in the United States, and it is more common than you think.

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