Women’s gray color – a trend that never goes out of fashion

As you already know, letting your gray hair grow out is a trend that has been all the rage in recent years. Wearing salt and pepper proudly is now stylish! Therefore, ladies of all ages are not afraid to adopt this artistic and candid hair strategy. The same goes for women’s gray hair color, which clearly shows that even young girls can calmly enjoy the beauty of silver hair without worrying about public reactions. This is what we would like to share with you on this topic…

Women’s gray coloring is not new

We’ve covered the common gray hair before and you know it comes at a price. Apart from the special cases of natural blondes with very light hair, a significant color change will be necessary if you want to sport an ash mane according to the rules of art. Either way, if you’ve already decided to take the plunge, our goal isn’t to dissuade you. On the contrary, we would like to show you the best shades and techniques of gray coloring for women that are working right at the moment!

Gray coloring for women: who is this for?

Blond gray coloring shadow woman blue eyes

The first thing to mention on our profile is: What is the profile of a girl that will make a woman’s gray hair color work without getting in too much trouble? Well, given that gray is a great tone, fair-skinned ladies will have more success for this. However, do not worry if you have dark skin, because success is above all a matter of general impression, positive attitude and self-confidence!

Art Coloring Silver, Gold and Bronze Kirsten Dunst Idea Photo Shoot

The same for eye color: girls with blue or gray eyes are the most privileged in our context. However, keep in mind that with the right brown eye makeup, you can easily make any hair color imaginable, including silver gray, steel or arctic! Blue eyeliner, metallic eyeshadow, or classic smoky eye make-up are perfect for this.

Grays: No two are alike!

Gray hair color silver with a shade of white long hair

Also, know that not all shades of gray are the same and that some tones are warmer than others. For example, gray mixed with pastel pink (shown on the left in the photo above) will look great on girls with warm skin, whether it is light or dark. On the other hand, bluish-gray or violet (same photo, right) will look impeccable on ladies of cool tones.

coloring gray blue woman idea cool cool shade undertone

You can even add frankly blue, pink, purple or other stripes to enhance the attractive effect of a woman’s gray coloration. Finally, neutral patterns (which don’t fall into the warm palette or cold spectrum) can choose each of the above variables without worrying about the end result.

Gray matte woman hair color clear complexion natural shades

So it is not a question of skin color, eyes, etc., at least, if you do not want to oversimplify the topic of women’s coloring in gray. The trick is knowing how to choose the right shades for your chromatic vibe so you can get the most out of it. As usual, knowing yourself is my best style ally!

Which technique would you choose for “Wow! »?

What color gray women's hair to choose trends 2021 2022

Except for the various shades, gray for women comes with its own set of achievement techniques. All of them are attractive and their choice mainly depends on your personal preferences and the desired effect. Remember that you should also consider how much time you tend to devote to maintaining your mane.

Platinum coloring blond gray shade woman blue eyes

For example, a full color (like the one shown in the photo above) will need more frequent touch-ups than balayage, ombre dye, highlights, etc. It is also the most boring option, so to speak, because it is based on the same shade from root to tip and is not very original …

Gray hair color idea on dark hair below

In contrast, the gray and smoky hair effect creates gorgeous layers that give the impression of using multiple shades at once. And what about that gray on top, chestnut on the bottom? With the corresponding artistic make-up, it’s a more original interpretation, isn’t it?

Women’s gray coloring works well for girls with short hair


Of course, if you have very short hair, a full color is your only option, but that’s okay! The effect is so aesthetically pleasing that you don’t need gray layers or long waves to feel your best regardless of your complexion, eye color or age!

Age is just a number, style is forever!

Women coloring 50 years 60 years Let gray hair grow

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